Neem a True Gift to Mankind

“In the morning glad I see,
My foe outstretched beneath the tree”
                                       -William Blake


Neem, the most edible and common tree has got a lot of benefits and values which doesn’t require any introduction at all. It is used for preventing as well as curing diseases not only for humans and also for animals and has been known for ages. Its other uses include protecting plants from other insects and pests. Neem being natural manure devoid of toxic effects is used to enhance the development of plants as well.


Introduction to Neem Tree


Neem tree or neem leaves doesn’t need any introduction at all in this modern world. It is one of most famous herb from India that has got fame worldwide. Neem is found to have magical properties and known for its incredible medicinal value for the past five thousand years. Neem tree is also called as the free tree of the country as it is seen almost in every part of India. It is still looked as a tree with magical properties that not only helps in relieving but is also used for curing illness.


Margosa tree or Neem tree usually attains a height of about 40 to 50 ft. This tree is very densely crowned with a diameter of approximately 30 to 40 ft. The trunk of the Neem tree is moderately straight with a thick and rough bark which is whitish to kind of reddish brown in colour.


Benefits of a Neem Tree


Natural Air Conditioner: Neem is termed as the natural air conditioner especially in the hot and humid tropical regions. The temperature below a neem tree is some degrees lesser than the surrounding areas. In villages people still prefer to take a nap under neem trees as it delivers both natural benefits and excellent atmosphere. The air that comes out of neem trees is pure, fresh and it is a natural repellent for insects.

Uses of Neem Leaves


Chicken Pox Treatment: The leaves of the neem tree are used for treating chicken pox and also the warts by direct application of its paste on the affected skin. It is added with boiled water and used for taking bath by patients affected with chicken pox. It helps in clearing the acne as well destroys any kind of harmful bacteria that is there in the skin.



Neem and Diabetes: The tender leaves of neem are consumed raw for treating diabetes. According to research, it has been seen that consuming five grams of neem leaf extract capsules is effective in reducing insulin requirements.


Anti-Malarial Remedy: Used as an anti malarial remedy and for its antipyretic properties they are used for treating fevers as well. Quinine tablets made from the leaf extract of neem is the effective medicine for treating malaria and the leaves are either consumed raw or mixed with buttermilk for attaining immunity from malaria.



Natural Contraceptives: They also make successful natural contraceptives for they are spermicidal.


Fungal Infections: Used in the treatment of ring worm, athletes foot and for any other fungal infections in the body


Antibacterial Properties: Its antibacterial properties make it ideal to be used for treating chicken pox, Acne, Psoriasis, Scabies and Eczema


Strengthening the Immunity: Neem leaves have turned to neem capsules as it helps in boosting the immunity. It is advisable to take capsules for better immunity and health care.


Neem Product Range


Neem Twigs – The twigs of the tree after removing the bark is slightly pounded to form a soft brush and used widely in the villages of Africa and India as they can protect your teeth and gums from infections and decay. Today toothpastes with neem extract are available that can deliver you the same results.



Neem Oil – Neem oil that is taken from the kernel of the seed is used as an insecticide for agricultural use. It is effective for pest control when sprayed after dilution. There are several products made out of neem oil like soaps, cosmetic shampoos that is getting widely used. Neem oil is applied directly on the skin for treating skin diseases.




Bark of Neem Tree – This part is bitter but used for getting relief from cough, fever, tiredness, worm infection, loss of appetite and other health conditions. Its antileprotic feature makes it used for treating leprosy. The bark as well as the roots are first powdered and then used to control fleas as ticks on the pets.




Neem tree and its properties are enormous and known for ages. People still prefer and use various neem products for they are natural and gives you the desired results. Most of the home remedies for various diseases have the presence of neem leaves in it. This green tree has been discussed worldwide for its various medicinal as well commercial properties.  

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