Nicole Kidman and Botox Forehead

Off late Nicole Kidman is known for her umpteen plastic surgeries. Rhinoplasty and botox treatment are the most prominent changes that can be seen on her face. Most of the critics have panned Nicole’s looks because after getting several botox treatments she is devoid of any expression. Nicole Kidman and botox forehead is a topic which has been dissected by many experts and according to them after all these surgeries Nicole has started to look frigid as she can hardly display any facial expressions. A couple of years back Nicole had also undergone breast augmentation and her red carpet appearances in revealing outfits proves that she has gone under the knife.


According to cosmetic surgeons, Nicole’s breast augmentation have been done by a very experienced doctor as her assets look very well proportioned with her entire figure. Nicole Kidman has always denied the rumors of going through any kind of plastic surgeries and claims that her looks are completely natural. Nicole Kidman’s porcelain complexion has also been under a lot of scrutiny, while some people claim that it is completely natural whereas according to the cosmetic surgeons it is all the work of plastic surgery. Nicole is often targeted for her arched eyebrows which are often a side effect for botox treatment which is used for reducing the wrinkles in the forehead. Nicole Kidman is forty three years of age and it is quite unnatural to be devoid of wrinkles and crows feet.


Many experts have said that Nicole might not gone through any kind of facelift surgeries but she takes the aid of many non surgical treatments such as laser skin treatments and chemical peels. Nicole took the aid of rhinoplasty at the very onset of her career and it has no doubt enhanced her look. Her puffy lips are the results of restylane injections and this gets more evident when one compares her pictures before and after the treatment. There were stories that Nicole had stopped all her botox treatments during her pregnancy stint. But after the birth of her daughter she is back to botox treatments. With every red carpet appearance she amazes the media with her young and flawless skin. With her recent appearances it is very hard to tell that she is in her early forties as all her age related flaws are perfectly concealed by plastic surgeries. One of the major downsides of these plastic surgeries is that it makes a person look very stiff as they find it difficult to display any natural expressions. 

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