Non Surgical Face Lift

Not everyone is up to submitting to the plastic surgeon’s scalpel. Certain physiological limitations may deprive one of receiving cosmetic repair through surgery. Now there is good news for these people in the form of non surgical face lift.  

Significant alternatives to surgical face lift are

Thermage skin tightening, micro current face lift, anti wrinkle creams and thread lifting.
 The advantages of these methods are
  • The side effects are minimal and temporary
  • The treatments are non invasive
  • They are equal to or better than surgical treatments
  • Recovery time is minimal as compared to surgery 

What is Thermage?

Thermage skin treatment is a path-breaking non-surgical procedure that can lift the skin and tighten it in order to achieve a younger, smoother complexion. The cost also is nominal. Energy created by radio frequency is sent inside the skin to come in contact with the interior layers. Skin that has lost its elasticity due to deterioration of the collagen composition and also because of exposure to sunlight becomes tight, supple and appears younger and smoother.    The Thermage treatment need not be repeated for attaining the required effect. One exposure to Thermage treatment is sufficient to treat the problem. 
The whole process lasts for a minimum of twenty minutes or for a maximum of 120 minutes. For a person to feel the full effect of the treatment it will take 180 days; that is the time for the collagen to start maintaining its optimum balance.  

What is Micro Current Face Lift?

This treatment also goes by the name “bio ultimate face lift”. It Mild electric current is applied to the region of the face that needs treatment, making the cellular level of the skin react. Due to this activity, rejuvenation of the skin takes place by which wrinkles and frown lines can be treated successfully. 
The skin is punctured with the electric current at strategic points on the face and neck. This stimulates the muscles and improves blood circulation. As a result there is a better maintaining of the collagen build up in the body. With the treatment, muscles relax and it is possible to improve the face aesthetically. For instance, the jaw line can be changed, double chin can be corrected and unsightly jowls can be eliminated.  

Anti-Wrinkle creams

Products containing components like acetyl hexapeptide can actually help stop ageing. The mentioned amino acid can make the skin firm and supple, reducing the formation of wrinkles. There are several skin creams in the market that claim to retard aging of skin. Most of the claims are genuine. Anti wrinkle creams work wonders on your skin and is another remarkable means of getting a face lift without surgery. It is important to choose a cream of excellent quality and reputation, preferably after professional advice.   

Thread Lift 

This non-surgical treatment is ideal for correcting the sagging tissues of the skin on your brow, face and neck. The procedure consists of introducing small threads into the internal skin layers that are able to pick up and support the tissue and muscles of the region that sags and keeping them taught. The material of the thread is such that it causes no harm and rests easily in its position.  

The benefits of thread lift are

(1) the cosmetic improvement is aesthetically better than other treatments (2) It leaves no scars (3) it is reversible; if you are not satisfied with the result you can get it done again (within a month) in a more satisfactory manner. 

The problems related to thread lift are

(1) it may cause bruising (2) the effect lasts only for half a year after which you have to get the procedure done again (3) there may be an infection in the treated region.
Above and beyond these non surgical methods of face lifting it is important to follow a diet regime rich in fruits, vegetables, fluids and fiber. Just by drinking sufficient water you can hold back aging and wrinkling! There are several types of anti aging exercises that you can do regularly (including facial gymnastics) to look young and remain fit and healthy. 
Non surgical face lift is popular and inexpensive, besides being effective and harmless. There are four types of non surgical face lift treatments discussed here including Thermage skin treatment, micro-current face-lift, wrinkle creams and thread lift. Each treatment has its pros and cons. It is important to eat healthily and exercise regularly too.

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