Nutritional Value of Food at Applebees

Applebee's are a chain of restaurants established in 1980's at Atlanta and is well-known for serving good quality food all around the world right from the United States to nine other countries. More than 1625 signature Applebee's are located worldwide. They provide comfortable and fun filled environment to all classes and grades of the society.


Menu includes a variety of non-vegetarian, fasts food and seafood items along with their very specific menu served only at their food points. They are well-known for serving more than 60 different 'Pick N Pair' combos of lunch. They also serve a variety of tasty foods especially for people on diet mentioning their weight watcher points in their Weight watcher International menu.


Applebee's do not provide the nutritional value of their food items except where it is required according to government rules. However, some of the trustworthy sources have accurate nutritional value of food items served at Applebee's. According to their, information Applebee's prepare two items with very high calorie. They are:


1. Buffalo wings (Boneless) that is dressed with mouth watering blue cheese contain 1724 calories.


2. Chicken and broccoli pasta served in Alfredo bowl contains about 1644 calories.


Nutritional Value of Some Items that also includes Salads Served at Applebee's are:

1. Chicken skillet in sizzling sauce contains 360 calories


2. Applebee's special quesadilla burger contains 518 calories


3. Herb chicken with garlic contains 370 calories


4. Cowboy burger contains 840 calories


5. Applebee's mouthwatering honey grilled salmon contains 555 calories


6. Asian chicken salad that is a low fat item contains 714 calories


7. Santa Fe salad (chicken) contains 672 calories


8. Regular size oriental chicken salad contains 709 calories


9. Spinach salad (tropical) that is served with grilled shrimp contains 263 calories


10. Orange chicken bowl that is very crispy contains 544 calories


11. Shrimp skewer salad grilled contains 210 calories


12. Southwest Cobb salad contains 440 calories


13. Confetti's chicken contains 370 calories


14. Citrus chicken salad grilled contains 240 calories

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