Perfect Eye Brows

Well groomed and shapely eye brows provide a perfect frame for a pair of gorgeous eyes. The shape of the eye brows is used by make up artists to move the focus away from flaws in the shape of the face. It is relatively easy to shape eye brows into the perfect shape. Maintaining the shape of plucked eye brows is a task no women should stint upon. Unkempt eye brows are a fashion disaster and detract from the beauty of the face.


The eyebrow pencil is used to accentuate the brow line. For a near natural look you should use soft short strokes. Blend it with an eyebrow brush with firm bristles.


Eye brows and shape of the face:


To decide which eye brow shape best flatters you, it is necessary to know the shape of the face.

Faces are generally found in the following shapes:

  1. Round

  2. Long

  3. Oval

  4. Square

  5. Heart shaped

  6. Diamond shaped

Depending on the shape of the face, eye brows are shaped to accentuate the positive attributes and to divert attention from facial flaws.


1.   For the classic oval shape, softly angled eye brows are ideal. The eye brows start from the inner end of the eye, form a soft angle over the middle portion of the eye and fall in a line towards the outer end of the eye.

2.   Flat eye brows suit a long face best. It shortens the face and gives it a rounded appearance.


3.   Eyebrows with a high arch over the iris best suit a round face. The eye brows are plucked in the same thickness all through. The high arch gives an illusion of a higher forehead, effectively lengthening the face


4.   For a heart shaped face, softly rounded brows accentuate the eyes. Brows are shaped so as to form a heart shape when aligned with the line of the chin.


5.   For a diamond shaped face, sharply angled eye brows effectively soften the face.


6.   Thick eye brows which peak a bit away from the middle of the eye suit square faces.


7.   To get perfect eye brows, the excess hair needs to be removed with care. The methods available for hair removal are plucking, threading, waxing and electrolysis. All the methods are effective and may be chosen depending upon the budget.




Hair should always be removed in the direction of the growth to prevent hair from breaking off. For sensitive skin which reddens easily, application of a warm cloth to the brows before plucking is a must. Post plucking of eye brows, beauticians advise application of Aloe Vera gel to soothe the skin. In case eye brows are over plucked, there are eye brow pencils available in the market to fill in the plucked portions. Use of an eye brow brush and eye brow gel helps keep the eyebrows in place through the day.

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