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Perfumes have now become an indispensable accessory in every man’s wardrobe. A man is not fully dressed till he wears a perfume. Perfumes reflect a person’s style and personality. Just as a well dressed man varies his clothes to suit the occasion, so does he vary his perfume. There is a wide range of perfumes available on the market today. Perfumes are now very distinctive and have been formulated for day wear and for evening wear, for formal occasions and informal occasions. There are perfumes available to suit men of varying ages and personalities.


Why Invest in Good perfumes


Perfumes are formulated from essential oils, aroma compounds and solvents. When applied on the skin, accelerated by the body heat, molecules of the perfume interact with pheromones and produce a very individual aroma. The same perfume may smell different on different people due to individual pheromones. A perfume which smells great on one person may be barely discernable when used by another person. Hence, it is advisable to actually apply and test the aroma before buying the perfume.


Branded perfumes do not come cheap and cannot be bought from the local shops. It is a good investment to buy 2-3 bottles of different brands of perfume and use the same in rotation rather than use an array of tacky, cheap perfumes. Research has proved that scents trigger off first recollections of a person or an event. That being the case, to trigger “positive memories” it is imperative to use good perfumes.


How to Buy the Right Perfume


Buying the kind perfume you like and that suits you, you have to be careful to search online and find reviews of different perfumes. The latest authentic information is available on the review sites and you can make a fairly good decision on buying the perfume that is best for you


How to Apply Men Perfume


1. A common mistake most of us commit, is to spray perfume over our clothes. Perfume should always be sprayed directly over the skin in small quantities after a bath. Pulse points on the wrist, sides of the neck and at the back of the ears help retain and spread the perfume.


2. It is a mistake to be over generous with perfume. Very strong scents repel rather than attract.


3. While spraying perfume, one should be careful to avoid accidentally spraying perfume into the eyes or mouth.


4. Perfumes for office wear should be mild and have a woodsy scent.


5. Perfumes for use by sporty men should be citrus based as such perfumes smell tangy and fresh.


6. Perfumes for evening wear are usually heavy and spice based.


Some Popular Men Perfumes


The most pricy and classy perfumes are used as status symbols of the rich. Pink, Obsession and Desire are some perfumes that belong to this category. Other popular varieties are those endorsed by celebrities and are best sellers.

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