Perfumes for Women

Perfumes have been an essential part of a lady’s beauty regimen since time immemorial. Perfumed oils and spice extracts have been used to adorn women since hundreds of years. The popularity of perfumes shows no sign of waning in modern times. There is a wide variety of perfumes available to suit every woman’s personality and reflect her individuality. The choice of perfumes changes along with the change in makeup and clothes. 


Types of Perfumes


Perfumes are formulated from essential oils, aroma compounds and solvents. Women’s perfumes are broadly classified into three categories:


Floral: Extracts of flowers like rose, jasmine and patchouli are used.



Fruity: Extracts of fruits like tangerine and lemon are commonly used for citrus undertones. Extracts of aromatic berries are also used.


Heavy: Spices like cinnamon and nutmeg are used to brew strong perfumes. These perfumes have musky undertones and are suitable for evening wear.


How do perfumes work?


When perfume is applied on bare skin, accelerated by the body heat, molecules of the perfume interact with pheromones and produce a very individual scent. The same perfume may smell different on different people due to individual pheromones. A perfume which smells great on one person may be barely discernable when used by another .person. Hence, it is advisable to actually apply and test the aroma before buying the perfume.


How to Apply Perfume


1. A common mistake most of us commit, is to spray perfume over our clothes. Perfume should always be sprayed directly over the skin in small quantities after a bath. Pulse points on the wrist, sides of the neck and at the back of the ears help retain and spread the perfume.

2. When using an atomizer, perfume can be sprayed into the air. One needs to walk through the “cloud” to let the droplets settle on skin.

3. It is a mistake to be over generous with perfume. Very strong scents repel rather than attract.

4. While spraying perfume, one should be careful to avoid accidentally spraying perfume into the eyes or mouth.

5. Perfume bottles must be kept tightly closed and stored in a cool, dry place. The principal ingredient of perfume is alcohol which evaporates quickly and is inflammable.

6. DO NOT EVER spray perfume on any body without their permission as many people are allergic to perfume.

7. Travel sized bottles of perfume are available in the market. These can be kept in handbags for touching up perfume.


Popular Perfumes for Women


Some classic women’s perfumes which have stood the test of time are;


1. Fruity perfumes: Jadore by Christian Dior, Miracle by Lancôme



2. Floral perfumes: Anais Anais by Cacharel, Eternity by Calvin Klein.


3. Heavy perfumes: Chanel No 5 and Allure by Chanel, Gloria by Cacharel.


Top Three Perfumes for Women 2011


1. Jessica Mcclintock


2. Armani Code For Women


3. Euphoria Calvin Klein Women

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