Physical Symptoms Of Stress And Anxiety

The physical symptoms of anxiety and stress can be different from one individual to another. When a person feels intimidated through certain things, then the body experiences stress and anxiety. When the body experiences some kind of stress then it prepares itself to deal with the situation. The body feels that we are in some kind of danger and automatically anxiety and stress creeps in. Some of the common physical symptoms of anxiety and stress are diarrhea, nausea, headache, increased rate of heart beats, pain in the chest, shaking of hands and legs, sweating, palpitation in the heart, etc. When a person is subjected to anxiety and stress for a long period of time then he experiences pain in the back, depression, lack of motivation, changes in the pattern of appetite, irritation, lack of sleep, etc as the common symptoms.


People might become more vulnerable to illness when they are under a lot of stress. It is normal to feel stress and anxiety for some time because of our hectic schedules but if one continues to feel the same for a long period of time then he should be concerned. 


At times anxiety and stress can occur due to the side effects of certain medicines. The physical symptoms of stress and anxiety can surface when the person is taking the medications or when he has already stopped having those medicines. Especially medicines taken for thyroid problems, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, depression, and diet are most likely to cause physical symptoms of anxiety and stress. When a person feels stress and anxiety then he can adopt certain ways to control them. It might not be possible to expunge all the causes of stress and anxiety but with a little effort its intensity can be decreased. The first step is to identify the factors which cause stress and anxiety in your life, and then you can start to make attempts to avoid those situations. If you can find a person with whom you can discuss all your problems, then it will relieve the physical symptoms of anxiety and stress to a large extent.


Consulting a therapist regarding your stress is a good idea because he can help you to overcome the dreaded situation. Sometimes, physical symptoms of anxiety and stress arise when the body does not receive proper nutrition so it is necessary to eat a balanced diet. The body also needs proper sleep in order to cope up with stressful situations. Regular physical exercises can keep the body away from the physical symptoms of anxiety and stress. Consuming excessive amount of caffeine can make the body experience anxiety and stress. Usage of nicotine does not provide relief from stress, and it also harms the body, so it will be good to avoid them altogether. Inclusion of a hobby in your daily activity can help you get a lot of pleasure and it will also take your mind off from the anxiety and stress. To find out whether the physical symptoms of anxiety and stress experienced by you require any medication, you can consult a doctor regarding it.

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