Powder Foundation Make Up

Looking your best contributes highly to your self esteem. Celebrities look great essentially due to their choice and use of make up. Make up when correctly applied, makes a person look youthful and glowing. Wrong make up choices can make a beautiful face look like a mask. Careful choice and use of cosmetics helps anyone to enhance their looks dramatically.  


As the very base of make up, the choice of foundation is probably the most important factor. The correct colour and consistency of foundation helps hide blemishes and also highlights attractive features. Powder based foundations have been around for decades and are still very popular.


Benefits of Powder Foundation for Makeup


The benefit of powder foundation is that it can be used by people with problem skin. Powder foundation sits on the skin and allows the skin to breathe. Pores are not clogged with powder foundation and the skin condition is not aggravated even with regular use.


Variety of Powder Foundation Products



Powder foundations are available in matt, sheer and satin finishes and give very good coverage in relation to the quantity used. Moreover, powder foundations are light on the skin and are popular in areas with a hot climate. Powder foundations are available as loose powder, to be applied with a foundation brush or in the form of a pressed powder compact, to be applied with a powder puff. Being very easy to apply, powder based foundations are preferred by women who are rushed for time.


Who Should Use Powder Foundadtion Makeup


Powder foundations are best suited for people with oily skins. The powder soaks up the excess oils and tones down the oily shine. Problem areas for oily skins are the forehead and nose, which especially benefit from a coat of powder foundation.


Foundations are available in the entire spectrum of skin tones. As age, stress and climate affect the skin the color of foundation should be checked and changed to match the skin tone at least every three months. Foundation in yellow and peach bases suit most skin types. Foundation should impart a glow to the face and lighten the skin tone.


Caution while Using Powder Foundation Makeup


One common beauty blunder while using powder foundation is over use of powder with pink overtones. These shades are not suited to Asian and African skins and give a pasty look to the face. Also, powder foundation tends to run in streaks with perspiration and needs to be touched up often.

If used by people with mature skins, the powder settles in laugh lines and at the outside of the eyes. These areas need to be touched up often. While applying powder foundation, care should be taken to blend in the foundation at the jaw line. If not correctly done, the face appears to be a different colour as compared to the neck.

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