Pregnancy Diet Planning

Add Nutrition to Your Diet: Many expectant mothers understand the importance of a good diet plan to guide them during pregnancy. The main aim of pregnancy diet plans is to incorporate all essential food items so that pregnant women are not deprived of important nutrients that will help in normal fetal growth. Unless there is enough knowledge about the nutrients needed for normal and  healthy fetal growth, there is a chance that the mother and the unborn child are under nourished. This is especi`ally true for women who are busy in juggling work life and home life. If such mothers have a kid already at home, they would even lesser time for taking care of themselves.  


Prefer Home-Made Food to Readymade Food Products:  As home-made food is considered to be healthier compared to what is readily available, as a general rule, it is better to avoid fast food as far as it is possible. It is not correct to eat madly on a day and compensate for it on some other day. The consumption of nutritious food should be made a practice every day of the pregnancy. This is easier said than done as it is important to gain knowledge about nutritious food first before switching to a healthy food regime. For this, you can approach a dietician for help since they have complete knowledge about food items.



Plan for Healthy Snackings: It is important to include groups of food in the meals so that the woman eats a well-balanced diet. This is the fundamental requirement for ensuring  a healthy baby. Whenever there is an urge to eat, it is better to keep some healthy snacks handy as consuming unhealthy snacks should not become a habit. You can snack on cut fruits and vegetables. You have to cut them in prior so that you can snack on them as you will come to know the times when you will feel hungry in due course.


Fruit Snackings in Your Meals: You can sprinkle healthy food items like dry fruits and nuts in your meals so that you will be sure that you are receiving enough vitamins and minerals without having to depend upon multi-vitamin pills. You can carry some healthy snacks in your bag so that you can avoid purchasing food items from outside. It is important to include a wide variety of vegetables and fruits too in the diet. You must also sip water at frequent intervals as water offers several benefits to the human body. Also reduce the intake of excess sugars and salt as they bring about retention of water in the body which is commonly encountered problem during pregnancy.


Unhealthy Cravings: avoid snacking, fried foods and junky diet. Rather you can opt for fresh fruit snacks. Avoid badam milk, chocolate and jalebi as they are all loaded with sugars.



Essential Minerals in Your Diet: You should also keep a lot of liquids like fruit juices handy if you are throwing up regularly owing to morning sickness. In spite of vomiting, it is essential to watch what you eat so that you do not deny your body what it needs at such an important phase. Make sure that you add 300 calories extra in your diet during the 2nd and the 3rd trimesters. Foods that have folic acid are important for pregnant women. The importance of including iron and calcium in the diet also needs mention at this juncture.


Diet for Pregnancy Trimesters


Diet in First Trimester:  Nausea and vomiting are common complaints during the first trimester. So, the craving for food is less and you may not feel like eating. Take care to have small meals at regular intervals throughout the day.


If you feel that your body is lacking adequate minerals and vitamins due to morning sickness then you can go for a supplements.


During this trimester, folic acid is very important. Ideally 0.4 mg of folic acid is sufficient till the 12 week of pregnancy. Its deficiency can lead to spina bifida. So, add this vitamin B supplements in your diet.


Diet in Second Trimester: During this period, your appetite becomes normal and you feel like eating all the time but take care not to overeat as it is during this period that you can gain excess of weight that might add complications during the delivery time.


"By rule, only eat when you are Hungry and chose right nutritious diet"


Diet in Last Trimester: During this period, your hunger pangs will increase a lot but don’t forget the rule. In order to avoid problems like acidity, heartburn take small frequent meals.

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