Pregnancy Urine Color

There are myriads of changes that are experienced by a woman during the pregnancy phase and change in the urine color is also one of the prominent changes. Pregnancy urine color might change from pale to bright yellow and each type of color also signifies the reason behind such type of an occurrence. Dark yellow pregnancy urine color is generally caused because of dehydration. During the first trimester of pregnancy, many women have to experience the wrath of vomiting. And if one is experiencing vomiting during pregnancy, then it is necessary to drink sufficient amount of water to avoid dehydration. When the body is dehydrated then a pigment called urochrome, tends to increase and also ends up getting concentrated in the urine, which naturally turns the urine color into dark yellow. The dark pregnancy urine color can also happen due to the consumption of prenatal vitamins that are taken by women during this time. The color of the urine changes with the intake of the supplements as it is not completely absorbed by the body. The supplements which remain unabsorbed eventually are excreted from the body through urine, which makes the color of the urine darker than its normal color.

Diet also plays a pivotal role in changing the pregnancy urine color. There are certain vegetables like beet root, which has the tendency to darken the urine color. At times, urinary tract infection can give rise to complications such as premature labor, etc. If a woman experiences a burning sensation along with bright colored urine then there are good chances that she is suffering from a urinary tract infection. Kidney stones can also develop during pregnancy and if symptoms like blood in the urine is experienced with a lot of pain, then it can be the sign of kidney stones. Various types of kidney diseases can also be the reason for darkening of the pregnancy urine color. Hematuria is a condition wherein the body starts producing urine which is either red or dark brown in color. This condition mainly transpires when the red blood cells in the body increases. The excess amount of red blood cells is eliminated from the body through urine, which makes the pregnancy urine color quite dark.

The size of the bladder increases during pregnancy, which can make the bladder lining quite thin and this might also increase the chances of developing several kinds of infection. Pregnant women who experience bladder infection will notice a change in the urine color. It is necessary to consult a doctor if you notice any changes in the pregnancy urine color, so that if there are any diseases lurking in the body, then it can be easily detected and treatment can be provided for the same.

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