Pregnancy Week 35


Pregnancy refers to the fertilization and development of the embryo inside the mother’s womb. Typically, a pregnancy period is over nine months which approximately covers 38 to 40 weeks. The process occurs through several steps. Each phase is equally important relative to the one before it. The fusion of the male and the female gamete during sexual intercourse causes pregnancy. Fertilization generally marks the activation of the egg development. Failure of any phase of pregnancy may disrupt the entire process. There are essentially three phases in pregnancy which are: the first trimester, the second trimester and the third trimester. The first trimester imposes highest risk to the foetus. The second trimester is when the foetus goes through its developmental phase. All the monitoring and diagnosing of the foetus is done during this stage. This is done so that no problem occurs in the last phase of pregnancy. All the potential threats are checked for and are managed. The third trimester tests the capability of the foetus to survive outside without any medical help. The 35th week of pregnancy belongs to the last trimester and is one of the vital weeks before the child birth. Child birth is the time when the infant is born.


Medicines That Should Be and Should Not Be Taken


The medicines should be in-toxic and should be free from other reducing agents. Some medicines though good but still has an adverse effect upon the water percentage upon one’s body. As these medicines absorb moisture from body and hence should be avoided. Medicines should be taken under prior guidance of one’s consulted doctor and the specifications given by the doctors regarding the medicines are to be strictly followed.


Symptoms in the Mother’s Womb During 35th Week


A number of symptoms are seen in the female. The common of which are: occasional headaches, bleeding gums, haemorrhoids, skin changes, indigestion, increasing clumsiness, forgetfulness, contractions and many more. Occasional headaches may be caused due to het or stuffiness. The best way to prevent this is by inhaling fresh air. There might be change in skin quality. Indigestion might occur due to increase in uterus and exertion of pressure on abdominal cavity. However, all these symptoms are temporary and tend to fade away with the passage of every period. Secondly, there are many alternatives that can be adopted to prevent these symptoms. But the most important activity in this phase lies the checking of the position of the baby as to whether it is making a positive movement or not.


Clothing and Other Vital Aspects of the 35th Week of Pregnancy


The breathing also will be easy with loose clothes.There are clothes sold in the retail shops which are specially meant for pregnant women.The chest and the stomach should be free to expand and the clothes should not affectthe mother in any way. It is better to wear cotton clothes than synthetic clothes so that itwill not affect the skin pores in any way.The mother has to wear comfortable clothes which will help her to do her daily choreseasily. The greatest achievement of a mother is her birth to her new one. Hence pregnancy is a critical phase for her. She has to go through a bounded regime just for the betterment of her new born. She needs to be careful in order to avoid any harm to her baby. She needs to be extra careful to avoid miscarriage and cause genetic abnormality. A mother has to suffer through various problems during her period of pregnancy. She gains in extra weight. Often she gets prone to many sicknesses like morning sickness. She gets clumsy, forgets everything, feels sluggish and many more. During the 35th week, the mother gains a weight of around 11.5 to 13.5 kg. She also encounters a lot of aches and cramps. But that can be avoided by going on for massage. The mother feels its baby moving towards the pelvic cavity. The pressure on the diaphragm is also released. Hence there will not arise any situation of short of breath.


Recommended Vitamins and Nutrition for the Mother



Since the baby is under constant growth, a healthy and a balanced diet is a must for the mother. The diet must include healthy food and essential fluids. The mother can also drink preferred health drinks to add on nutrition to her body. She should intake a good amount of water for the proper working of her digestive system. She should eat a balanced diet comprising of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Supplements for Vitamin B and C should also be provided from outside by the means of capsules. It is recommended that a mother should during 8 glasses of water every day. She should also intake lentils, whole grains bread and fibres. Supplement for magnesium and calcium should also be provided through capsules.


The Myths and Facts of the 35th Week of Pregnancy


The foetus now weighs thousand times than it was at the beginning. He keeps on increasing his number of kicks and keeps on making constant movement in the mother’s womb. The baby still continues to gain weight. The baby’s sucking reflexes also starts developing. The fat generally accumulates in the legs and the arms of the baby. But still it does not have enough fat that would help it to sustain outside the mother’s womb. The lungs of the baby are fully developed and it can respond to heat, light, bright spot and sound from inside its mother’s womb. Day by day its grasp firms and the mother get to feeling of it.  Slowly the uterus becomes more cramped and the mother perceives less of the kicks from the baby. The baby might push itself up against the ribs and make the mother uneasy. But that is normal. The mother should constantly try to perceive and locate her baby’s position. Generally the baby places itself in a way such that its head is down. This position is safest for delivery.


The Final Stages of Growth of the Baby



It is necessary to keep a track of foetal growth at regular intervals. The position of the foetus also needs to be checked. During this stage the foetus weighs 5.25 pounds or 2.4 kilograms. The baby measures 18 inches or 45 centimetres from head to toe. The baby also shows signs of fast development. The brain and nervous system grows at a gradual rate. His head, elbow or legs might protrude in case it stretches itself inside the mother’s womb. With the thinning of the uterus and the abdominal wall the baby starts performing daily activity cycle. The little one now has finger nails and a pair of kidneys fully developed. The kidneys can excrete some of the waste products. The amniotic fluid in the mother’s womb also starts decreasing as the womb gets filled by the growing foetus.



Recommended Tests for the Following Symptoms


1. Clumsiness is also another sign of this period. But this is temporary and tends to go away. There might also be muscle contractions.


2. Legs cramps are always there due to loosening of the joints and ligaments.


Do’s and Don’ts of the 35th Week of Pregnancy


1. Drinking lots of water should be included in the daily regime.


2. The mother should take frequent visits to the loo.


3. Sometimes the mother tends to leak out urine during cough or sneeze.


4. The mother should refrain herself from coffee, tea or beverages.


5. She should breathe out in the fresh air; go for meditation, yoga or stretching exercises to ease her pain.


6. During this period pelvic girdle pain or hip pain occurs in the mother.


7. This pain originates from the public area and move towards the thighs thereby worsening the pain.


8. This is the best time for the mother to create birth plan for her child.


9· She should check in all the necessities she needs to carry while getting admitted to the hospital.


10. She should also carry along with her the phone numbers that she needs there.


11. Early preparations should be taken prior to child birth.




The male partner should focus is attention on the mother and her child. He should reduce her burden by reducing up her jobs. He should also take special care of the mother and the son. He must ensure that his partner is not burdened during her pregnancy. It is his duty to ensure the safety of the mother and the child.

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