Pregnancy Week 36


It is quite an enjoyable moment for the mother when she is pregnant. But it has to be kept in mind that the mother should be taken special care of. She should take complete rest and strictly avoid heavy work. Every mother wants their child to be born healthy and strong. Most of the development of the child takes place when he/she is inside the mother’s womb. So, if the mother is taken care properly then a strong child will be born. It’s better to maintain a pregnancy calendar. It will help to keep track of the important dates. The consultation dates should never be missed. The child starts developing from the 1st week of the Trimesters and is fully develop on the 40th week of the Trimesters.


Symptoms and Bodily Changes During 36th Week of Pregnancy


In the 36th week the mother needs to get a thorough check up of herself every now and then. The doctor will help to tell when to get admitted. As the baby slips down into the pelvis so the pressure on the abdomen increases. The mother will feel the baby dropping into the pelvis. It is a common feeling among the mothers that the baby is falling out.


Diet and Health


Healthy as well as balanced diet is an absolute necessary during this period of time.


Exercise Suggestion


During the pregnancy period it is suggested to take light exercise so as to make the baby healthy in his/her coming days.



Clothes to Carry


When the mother reaches the 36th week of pregnancy she is on the verge on giving birth to the child. It is quite possible that by the end of the 36th week she might give birth. The labour pain increases to a greater extent at this stage. Every now and then the doctor should be consulted. His guidance should be properly followed.


Skin Changes


Scars and Patches are the key changes in the skin noticeable during this period of time. Also it is due to these kinds of marks which tell the surrounding people in understanding what the mother is carrying within herself.


Protein and Vitamin Diets for the Mother


It is to be remembered that for a healthy child it’s quite important to take care of the mother. Whatever the mother takes in indirectly goes into the body of the child. Both breathing and eating becomes quite easier at this stage as the upper abdomen is quite free now. But as the baby is in the lower abdomen it is quite difficult to walk. The possibility to urinate increases in this stage. It is at this stage the child tries to take as much nutrients as possible from the mother. A burning sensation can occur along with leg cramps. It depends upon the mother if she can tolerate the pain or not. But the pain of giving birth vanishes once the baby is born. Just think about the pain a mother has to suffer from!


Recommended Tests


As the labor pain of the mother increases so the behavior also changes. If possible suggestion of the doctor should be properly taken. Other than this there is an environment of constant happiness in the family. The likes and dislikes of the mother should be taken care of. There should be no sign of stress on the mother other than the birth of the child. So, we can see that the surrounding people play a great role in the development of the child.


The labor pain might occur now and then. So a proper attention is required to the mother. Sometimes the big bump in the tummy gives an unwanted backache. To remain fit special care should be taking regarding these issues. In many of the cases a woman might find it difficult to walk properly. A doctor might suggest a maternity corset. Though it is not comfortable regarding the style but helps to reduce the back pain to certain extent.


Medicines to Be Taken


The child is born between the 38th week and the 42nd week. Those who are born before 38 week are known as premature babies and those who are born after the 40th week are known as post mature babies. Very few people give birth to the child on the due date.




The good news for the mother is that all the sufferings that she had to bear will bear fruits now. She might give birth to the baby any day. The doctor constantly checks the opening of the cervical. With the help of the ultra sound the doctor checks the head position of the baby. Around this time it should be towards the opening of the cervical. If it is at the correct position then the doctor waits for the correct time. Otherwise the doctor tells the patient to perform some exercises which might help the baby to come into the correct position. If still the head of the baby is not near the opening of the cervical then the doctor manually places the head of the baby at the correct position. This phenomenon is known as external cephalic version or well known as ECV.


Development in the Baby



But there might be some delay. From the 31st week we have seen that the mother faced some breathing problems because the child had fully occupied the uterus. But now in the 36th week the child slowly moves down into the pelvis.  This makes some room for the mother to breathe, a little more comfortably. Now as the baby is completely grown, except for a few more changes, it is almost a plump in shape. The fat present on the child’s cheek along with the sucking muscles makes the face of the baby complete. At this point of time the weight of the baby is nearly 6 pounds i.e. 2,721 grams. The baby is gaining weight slowly day by day, nearly 28 grams per day. The baby becomes 19 inch or nearly 45 centimeters in length from the head to the tip of the toe. Inside the womb all the bones along with the skull of the baby overlaps one another. Sometimes during birth it is seen that the head is of a different shape, might be pointed shaped. This helps at the time of delivery. The head comes to normal shape after a few hours or a few days.


Do’s And Don’ts of the 36th Week of Pregnancy




1. Drinking lots of water should be included in the daily regime.


2. The mother should take frequent visits to the loo.


3. Sometimes the mother tends to leak out urine during cough or sneeze.


4. The mother should refrain herself from coffee, tea or beverages.


5. She should breathe out in the fresh air; go for meditation, yoga or stretching exercises to ease her pain.


6. During this period pelvic girdle pain or hip pain occurs in the mother.


7. This pain originates from the public area and move towards the thighs thereby worsening the pain.




1. The mother should not be taken for check-ups to check the placement of the baby on the correct track.


2. Several prenatal tools are not present that check for the proper positioning of the baby.


3. One these are 3D ultra image. Hence the mother cannot get a view of her child.


Responsibility of the Dad to be During 36th Week of Pregnancy


It is up to the husband to keep his wife happy at this moment. He should take care of all the matters regarding the diet chart, medicines of his wife. His presence creates a lot of difference. It is believed that this is the time when an invisible bond develops between the child and the father. The husband has to take care of some important things like getting the necessary information where the child will be born. Moreover all the things such as the car keys, important phone numbers are to be kept at hands reach. This is because the labor pain might increase and it might become unbearable for the mother.  The doctor should be kept informed about the condition of the mother. More importantly the diet is very important. If the child is to born at home then the birth kit should be ready by this time. All the precautionary measures should be taken before hand.

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