Preparing for a Healthy Pregnancy

To plan before you get pregnant is very important. Pregnancy is one of the most natural stages of a woman’s life, and a healthy pregnancy is a must. But to achieve this goal, one should plan in advance. To ensure that the baby born is healthy is to ensure a healthy pregnancy, which can be done by following a healthy lifestyle and eating habits. If the couple adopts a healthy lifestyle before conception, then the dangers to the fetus in the womb during the early stages of development can be avoided to a large extent.

The development of fetus begins to take place within the first few weeks of pregnancy. Many a times a woman do not even realize that she is pregnant in the first few weeks and if proper care is not taken during this time period then the baby born may have birth defects, crippled organs etc. so it is crucial that you go for prior planning of pregnancy which will pay off in the form of a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Before they plan for a baby, the couple should be nutrition conscious. This is because it is very important for the parents to be in a good state of physical as well as mental health. It will give the baby a healthy start of life.

It is desirable to follow below mentioned precautions to ensure a healthy pregnancy:

  • Plan a Balanced Diet Chart: On an average, a pregnant lady, puts on extra weight of approximately twenty five to thirty pounds in those nine months. To maintain a healthy pregnancy you should intake daily three hundred calories, this will keep yourself as well as baby in a healthy state. You should eat lots of vegetables, fruits, proteins, whole grains; also some amount of minerals, fats and vitamins should be included in your diet. To reduce the chances of birth defects in baby, supplements of folic acid and iron are necessary. Also it is very important that you intake lots of water, minimum of eight to ten glasses of water every day are must. Aerated and sweetened drinks, canned foods etc should be avoided during pregnancy.
  • Quit Smoking and Alcoholism: smoking is very dangerous for the health of the fetus. Smoking hinders supply of oxygen and blood to the growing fetus. Also it supplies nicotine to it. This would result in various risks including underweight baby, birth defects, stillbirths, sudden infant death syndrome etc. also it increases the danger of ectopic pregnancy. It is strongly advised to quit drinking prior to the pregnancy and during the pregnancy. This is because alcohol quickly mixes up with the blood in the body and reach up to fetus. Alcohol causes severe damages to the developing fetus like mental retardation, facial abnormalities (fetal alcohol syndrome) etc.
  • Regular Checkups: medical attention before pregnancy is called preconception care. The idea of preconception care is to identify the health of the woman and the possible risks associated with pregnancy. It is advised to get pregnant only when the woman is in a healthy state of body and mind. So it is necessary to ensure that you have removed all the hurdles to a healthy pregnancy by taking proper medication or changing food habits. Make regular exercise part of your routine to ensure the systems of the body function correctly. All this can help you to avoid complications during pregnancy.

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