President Obama Quits Smoking


Smoking cigarettes is an unhealthy habit. Researchers continue to investigate the various health effects associated with first hand, second hand and third hand cigarette smoke exposure. White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said in December that President Obama appeared to be making progress in his struggle to give up cigarettes and was chewing nicotine gum as a replacement. The spokesman said then he had not seen or witnessed any evidence of Obama smoking in probably nine months.


Law That Acts as a Whistleblower for Cigarette Makers



In June 2009, President Obama signed into a law a bill giving the government powers to curb cigarette makers, lamenting the fact 1,000 people under the age of 18 become regular smokers every day. “I know, I was one of these teenagers and so I know how difficult it can be to break this habit when it’s been with you for a long time,” he said. 


Promises to Kick the Smoking


Shortly before becoming president, Mr. Obama claimed he would not be smoking upon entering the White House. The White House no-smoking rule was imposed by Hillary Clinton when she was the First Lady. Mrs. Obama claimed in 2007 that her husband quit his 30-year habit as a condition for a run at the White House. Although the then senator agreed, he admitted that he slipped repeatedly in 2008 and 2009.


United States Get a Smoke Free Leader


President Barack Obama has quit his 30-year cigarette habit. The leader of the free world is smoke free. Michele Obama proudly professed while discussing a new health campaign she is promoting. The First Lady announced that the US president had not touched cigarettes for almost a year and could now be counted among the ranks of the 1.3 million of his compatriots who are estimated to kick the habit annually. 



Kicking off Smoking, a Tough Job


Anyone that has ever tried to kick the smoking habit knows it is tough. It is so tough that many will still sneak a puff now and then out of eye shot of the ones they love, so as not to disappoint them. Hopefully this is not what the President is doing. Chances are he has kicked the smoking habit 100%. When he makes his mind up to do something, he does it. It wasn’t too long ago that he was a little knowing Senator that wanted to be President!


Obama’s Motivation


Michelle Obama is very proud of her husband’s decision to quit smoking and is following through on this. She said that, she never pestered him about quitting because it was his own personal challenge. She also has not talked about his decision to stop smoking as she mentioned “when somebody’s doing the right thing you don’t mess with them” according to USA Today. His final motivation – which followed years of pressure from his wife – wanted to be able to look his daughters Malia, and Sasha in the eye and say he did not smoke. 

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