Preventing Nails from Chipping

Hands are the most exposed parts of the body next to the face. Nothing spoils the look of manicured hands as much as chipped nails. Nail polishes are lacquers which are plastic based. Nail polish is formulated to dry on exposure to air but is not long lasting. Nail polish often wears off as we expose our hands to water in the course of our daily routine. Nail polish also chips as we handle objects that can scratch the nails or come in contact with abrasive surfaces. Chipped nail polish is unseemly and is considered as lack of grooming.


Tips to Prevent the Chipping of Nails

Some easy tips to prevent nail polish from chipping are given below:

1. Clean surface of nails before applying nail polish: Cleaning painted nails using nail polish remover is a part of a manicure. We also need to clean unpainted nails with nail polish remover. Natural oils present on the nail surface may prevent nail polish from sticking on to nails. Removing natural oils from the surface of nail helps to hold the polish better and lends longer life to painted nails.

2. Use a base coat when applying nail polish: A clear base coat of nail polish helps the subsequent coats of nail polish last longer. This will also prevent the colour in your nail paint from staining your nails yellow.

3. Use thin coats of nail polish to cover the nails: 3 thin coats of nail polish last longer than 2 thick coats. The lustre and colour of nail polish show up better with multiple thin coats.

4. Use a top coat: Professional manicurists recommend using a colourless top coat over the nail polish to prevent it from chipping.


5. Allow Nail Polish to Dry: Most nail polishes need 30-45 minutes to dry completely. Hence, allow sufficient drying time after painting your nails. In case you need to wear closed shoes, wrap your toes using plastic wrap to prevent chipping of your freshly painted nails.

6. Store Nail Polish in a Cool Place: Often nail polish thickens if kept for a long time. Nails painted with thickened nail polish are more prone to chipping. Always store the nail polish bottles in the fridge to prevent the polish from thickening.

7. Add a drop of nail remover: A drop of nail polish remover when added to thickened nail polish liquefies it and helps it last and prevents chipping.

8. Witch Hazel dipped cotton wool: A piece of cotton wool dipped in witch hazel and rubbed over the nails before applying nail polish keeps nail polish strong and safe from chipping.

9. Maintain hygiene of nails: To the extent possible, protect your nails by wearing gloves while doing household chores, especially those which bring the hands into contact with water or abrasive substances.

10. Touch up nail polish, in between, paying special attention to nail tips to prevent chipping.

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