Prevention Diet for Gout

Do you think that you need to have certain diet for preventing gout? Along with many health issues, which relates to diet, gout is no more different. The main cause for the gout is depositing the uric acid in some of the joints of the body, which causes distressing gout. Now you may have doubts that from where does this uric acid come? It doesn’t come suddenly within the body; it comes from the breaking down of purines, after performing their most crucial work of converting the food in to energy. Purines are the chemical compounds that naturally appear in the body cells and more in the foods that we take.


So, for reducing the effects of the gout, the first and foremost thing to do is to prevent the uric acid from excessive building in the blood. Since, uric acid is caused due to the purines in the blood; you have to reduce the purines in the food you take. First thing you have to do is to identify the foods that contain excessive of purines.  



You will find purines in some sea fish, dairy products, some of the high protein foods and some other foods that contain medium quantity of carbohydrates. Some foods also include the mincemeat, red meat and shell fish, some of the bakeries products, beans, peas, cauliflowers and mushrooms. Some of the alcohols like beer play a major role in encouraging gout attacks.

One way for avoiding gout is drinking more water. At least you need to take 12 eight ounce glasses per day, which helps the body for flushing out the uric acid crystals from the body. You should reduce the food, which consists of more amounts of purines. Some of these include low fat dairy products, complex carbohydrates, vegetables, cherries, essential fatty acids, high vitamin seafood, grapes and blueberries. By continuously following this diet, you will make some sort for prevention of gout.

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