Prom Night Eye Make up


Prom night is a once in a lifetime occasion. Tasteful choice of dress, shoes, accessories and make up can help in achieving a glamorous style statement.  The best way to look elegant and beautiful in your prom pictures is to keep you makeup simple.


There are a number of looks for prom night – elegant, bold, smoldering or vivacious. Eye make up in a variety of styles helps in creating the selected look, in keeping with the style of the dress. 


The Cardinal Rules for Prom Night Eye Makeup are


1. Keep the eye make up bold only  if the rest of the make up is understated and vice versa


2. Use bold glittery colours



3. Practice eye make up in advance so you have perfected your makeup technique  by prom night


4. Use waterproof long-lasting make up.


5. Carry cosmetics for a quick touch up in your evening bag.


6. Once you have decided the look you want for prom night, ensure to keep a balance in your overall look. Go in for bright lipsticks with soft eye makeup.


How to Select Eye Shadow Colors


Eye makeup colors should be chosen keeping the colour of the prom dress in mind.. A few suggestions for choosing eye shadow shades are:


1. Blue Dress – eye shadows in blue, gold, grey


2. Green Dress – Eye shadows in bronze and yellow


3. Brown Dress – eye shadow in yellow, pink , bronze or orange


4. Orange Dress- Bronze and tan shades


5. Red Dress – Red ,silver, pink shades 


How to Put on Eye Make up


Before beginning eye make up, clean the eye area. Shape eyebrows and pluck out stray hairs. Use an eyebrow brush to smoothen the eyebrows. Apply Concealer under the eyes to cover dark circles. An eye base applied over the eyelids helps as a foundation for the eye shadow.


How to Create a Look with Eye Make up


To create bold smoky eyes, use dark eyeliner on the upper eyelids. Line your lower eyelids with a Kohl pencil and smudge the same using a cotton swab. Apply metallic eye shadow to the entire eyelid. Use a lighter shade and apply at the crease. Blend in the shades using a cotton swab. Use an eyelash curler and mascara to do your eyelashes.


To create an elegant look, apply brown or bronze eyeliner to lower eyelids. Use a neutral base coat over the entire eyelid. Use a single shade of eye shadow and shade the eyelid. Use a silver or gold eye shadow on the upper eyelid.


To create a soft look, use eyeliner on the upper eyelid only. Coat the eyelid with a base eye shadow. Use a pink or peach shade on the crease and blend in with a cotton swab.


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