Quick Weight Loss Diets

If you are looking to shed some pounds, the most natural thing in the world is to try to achieve so quickly and effortlessly. This is why we include here some quick weight loss diets for you to consider. 

Atkins Diet

This diet is based on the concept of drastically reducing the amount of carbohydrates you consume. Carbohydrates, or carbs, are the body’s fuel. If fewer carbs are taken in, then the body must use its stores of fat to provide energy for our everyday activities, and weight loss is achieved. The diet has a very restrictive first stage, and then goes on to add carbohydrates until the balance is reached. Detractors of this diet state that the greater amount of protein in the diet equals a greater amount of fat consumed. However, its main objective, losing weight quickly, is achieved.

Fasting Diets

These diets are generally short-term diets of a short duration. The idea behind a fasting diet is to consume nothing but fresh fruit juices, water or tea (sometimes broth is allowed if you fancy something different). When you fast, the body starts using up its stores of fat, which translates into weight loss. This diet, however, can have unpleasant side effects. If you follow it for a long period of time (doctors generally recommend a maximum diet period of 24 hours), you could experience dizziness and a sharp decrease of your blood-sugar levels. This is why this type of diet is completely off-limits to people suffering from diabetes, low blood pressure and other diseases.

The Macrobiotic Diet

This diet focuses on the intake of whole grain as its main characteristic. It is complemented with raw or slightly cooked vegetables, lean protein (fish), nuts, and soups. The main problem with this diet is that it is extremely strict, which makes it almost impossible for anyone following it to have dinner at a restaurant, for example.

The Oprah Diet

This diet consists of having three meals a day, plus two or three nutritious snacks. The aim is to reduce hunger while feeding the body, so as to avoid overeating. Also, you are not allowed to eat during the three hours before going to sleep. Exercise is also recommended as a way of speeding weight loss.

Weight Watchers’ Diet

The very good thing about this diet is that you can eat whatever you want. The trick, however, is that each food is given a number of points. You can only use a certain number of points per day, so you must use them wisely. So if you are really craving some chocolate, you can have it, provided that you don’t use up more points than you are allowed.
We have only presented five quick ways to lose weight. If you search the web, you will find there are countless others. Though some make no sense at all, there are quite a few diets that are really worth a try. Remember to consult your doctor before starting any new diet, and good luck!

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by Sonia     19-Feb-2012
I'm sorry, there's really no such thing as a safe diet pill. They alsmot all contain stimulants that can damage the cardiovascular system, and then there's Alli, which can give you explosive diarrhea, so I don't think you want that pill either. Diet and exercise should work perfectly fine. I think you're probably either not giving it enough time (you should give it at least a month before you decide you're not seeing results), or you aren't dieting or exercising right.As for your diet, you should be eating high protein, high fat (saturated not trans, and no that's not unhealthy), low carb, low sugar. Keep your calorie intake around 1500 a day, carbs around 100-150 g a day, and as little added sugar as you can manage. Make sure to eat lots of fruits and veggies too.And you need to push yourself when you exercise. A nice easy pace won't do anything. You have to get sweaty, tired, and work hard. If you don't feel tired when you're done, if you're not out of breath, you're not doing it right. And you need to do both cardio and weight training, but on different days. Try and work out for at least an hour, 4-6 days a week.
by Zul     07-Aug-2012

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