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“Marriages are made in Heaven”, but they have an expiry date on Earth! That is the rule of the game called Life. But the rules are man-made and so are ‘RUMORS”. One such rumor that was buzzing in tinsel town was the divorce filed between Rachel Ray and her lawyer “better-half” John Cusimano. Rachel Ray is a very popular entertainment face in the world of television shows.


Achievements of Rachael Ray


Following are some of the achievements, she has bagged in her kitty:-


a. Lifestyle based, talk show called the “Rachel Ray”


b. Interesting and popular books on Cookery which are majorly based on the ’30 minute meal” strategy. These books come useful for the singles and for the working couples.


c. A very famous Magazine launched by her call the “Everyday with Rachel Ray”.


d. Launched 3 different series on “Food Network” called the, “30 minute Meals”,”$ 40 a day” and “Rachel Ray’s Tasty Travels”.


e. She has also started off with a new organization based on the “non-profit” concept that enlightens the youth along with their families, on the path of nutrition and providing a square meal to the needy children of the USA.


Rachael Ray “Broken Marriage”


All these achievements placed Rachel Ray on the topmost ladder of Success, Name and fame. But what made her even more popular, are the speculations of her so called “Broken Marriage”, which are running across off-guard among the ordinary masses. Every human being does require space in their personal lives, and so do Celebrities. Just because they belong to the entertainment kingdom, that does not separate them from ordinary people. As soon as, Rachel Ray started apartment hunting with her mom, that raised eyebrows. They were speculating about the “over-concerned” attitude of Rachel’s Mom over her.


Rachael Call it Rumors


But if Rachel’s version is to be believed, then she considers this all a hoax. Celebrities right from the beginning have always been in the spotlight. Be it them, or be it their families. Every single minute activity carried out by them goes under the microscope. The word “Freedom” has disappeared from their dictionary. On the other hand, if rumors are to be believed, then, Infidelity is supposed to be one of the reasons from them heading towards divorce. The rumors also state that, as Rachel Ray comes from a wealthy background, she and her husband might sit down to discuss about the divorce settlements, which her husband can easily afford.



Rachael and Colby Donaldson Rumors


Another version of the rumor is that, there is “love triangle” set-up in Rachel’s life. Her friendly interactions with Colby Donaldson, may have added a few more sparks to their “almost drifted” marriage. But Rachel Ray has rubbished all these rumors and clearly states that, their marriage is intact and no such issues have every risen among them. According to her, her husband being a busy lawyer, is a very understandable man. They get along with each other like a house on fire. Rumors come and go. People come and go. But the lives of people are well remembered for eternity. People can only wish Marriages to sustain on earth, after being crafted in heaven.


Who is Rachael Ray


Rachael Ray is a well known television personality with many well read cook books to her credit. Whether 42-year old Rachael Ray is headed for divorce from her husband, John Cusimano, entertainment lawyer, is a matter for speculation. This is so because while some say that the divorce is almost through there are other sources reporting that there is no truth in the rumors.


Rachael and John (who is also a member of the band called Cringe) were married, in September 2005, in Montalcino, Italy.


Rachael Ray denies these rumors too. She is reported to have said that the first few times she heard about the divorce, she was upset, but later she learned to take it in her stride. Rachael is reported to have stated that she gets along famously with her lawyer husband and is certain that there is no issue of infidelity. 


Rachael Ray as A Cookery Expert


Rachael Has


1. A syndicated lifestyle and talk program called “Rachael Ray”


2. Launched a magazine, four years ago, called “Everyday with Rachael Ray”



3. Established three “Food Network” series


1.     $40 a Day

2.     30 Minute Meals

3.     Rachael Ray’s Tasty Travels


4. Her cookery books largely based on the “30-Minute Meal” concept are very popular


Rachael’s Denies Divorce Rumors with John: She believes she has chosen John because he understands that she is a very busy person and can only devote this much time to the family and her spouse. Rachael is involved in her TV shows, cookery books she writes, other products she endorses and a lot of charity work. She has founded “Yum-O!” a non-profit organization that creates awareness about nutrition among youngsters and their families, besides helping in providing food for needy American children. .   


The rumors of divorce became stronger when it was reported that Rachael’s mother was with her daughter helping her daughter find another apartment. Yet, in contrast, there are other reports claiming that Rachael’s mother has always been at her side and there was no need for her to rush down to her daughter’s to help her find the apartment. 


Rachael-John, Still a Happy Couple: The public relations team, that handles the couple’s social commitments, reports that both Rachael and John have no differences and are still happily married. The team also reports of the holiday they took with friends a few days ago to drive home the point. The divorce rumors also include the issue of divorce settlement. It is a known fact that Rachael is extremely wealthy and would be making a substantial settlement for her husband, which some believe he would spend within no time.  



Another angle to the story is that Rachael Ray bonds well with Colby Donaldson who is in her show now. Colby Donaldson is the runner up in ‘Survivor” Season 2. However, there are not many reports that support this rumor. 


Truth hidden under layers of hearsay, rumors and unofficial reports is hard to decipher. It is hoped that Rachael is still with John and they have many years of togetherness ahead.

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Rachael is getting a bit porky and looks like she has too much ego. A divorce would not surprise me.
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