Reasons for Divorce

Divorce, now an accepted solution for several situations of marital discord, does not leave a good feeling in one’s mind. It is a widely discussed fact that there are more divorces in recent times as the women are becoming more and more qualified and are being financially independent and they are not willing to sort out the differences with their spouses or the spouse’s family.


There are times when women are unwilling to adjust with the spouse or their family members. It might be that men are not able to or willing to accept the superiority (or equality) of career women or not willing to pitch in and take up household responsibilities. It might even be that men become insecure thinking that they might not be the boss of the house, once the partner also starts contributing towards the family income.


Here are some more reasons for divorce 


1.   Harassment: Harassment by the partner or his/her immediate family and unrealistic expectations from either partner may create an environment of discord.  The tolerance level between partners reduces drastically in these situations and the contemplation for  separation begins


2.   Abandonment: Partners tend to move away from one another, This could be due to absence of the earlier fondness, animosity due to a forced marriage or due to social pressures, specific to the issue


3.   Lack of commitment of either partner, infidelity or extramarital affairs


4.   Abuse:  This could be physical, emotional and mental abuse of partner


5.   Substance abuse


6.   Differences in terms of career goals


7.   Disagreement regarding issues concerning the children and their upbringing


8.   Power and control issues: A clash of egos can sometimes lead to divorce too.  Quite often a partner may be tired of compromising for decisions and principles just because his/her spouse believes in and practices them.  This can eventually lead to a separation


9.   Lack of trust between the partners: Either the partners are overly suspicious of each other or either of them abuses the trust placed in him/her


10.  Communication differences: Improper communication or even lack of communication of one’s feelings or thoughts also could lead to disharmony in marital life.


11.  Not meeting the expectations of the other person: Disillusionment that arises when a partner (1) does not measure up to one’s scales and (2) fails to react in the expected manner during a financial or emotional crisis can lead to separation


12.  Irreconcilable differences: Difference of opinion and irresolvable incompatibility are also significant reasons leading to a divorce


13.  Interference from family and friends:  Well meaning overtures from friends and relatives can sometimes create situations that prevent couples lead normal lives.  This disrupts marital stability on certain occasions and leads to divorce


Reasons apart, divorce is not good for anyone – spouses, children and the whole family. Harmony and goodwill in the family creates an atmosphere of well-being, helps in positive bonding and builds up the emotional strength and sense of ethics in parents and the children


Blurb:  Divorce is an unpleasant task that is sometimes inevitable.  There are several reasons for divorce.  Clash of egos, misunderstanding, unrealistic expectations, substance abuse, and disillusionment are some of them.  It is important for partners to understand each other and realize the chaos that will become a part of the children’s lives, should a separation take place.

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