Reasons For Hypertension During Pregnancy

 Pregnancy is a very fragile state for a woman to be in. During pregnancy, the body mass increases, the child grows in the womb, and many other changes take place. The heart has to pump blood over a longer distance since the placenta and the baby are also to be fed blood by it. Thus an increase in blood pressure is normal. The pressure difference between blood in the arteries and veins also drives the blood through the body. Thus pregnancy itself is among the reasons for hypertension during pregnancy.

The exact reasons for hypertension during pregnancy are not too well-known beyond the obvious increase in blood volume. Psychological factors may also be among reasons for hypertension during pregnancy. That is why you are asked to take it easy during pregnancy. Instead of reasons for hypertension during pregnancy, the effects are a bigger concern. Gestational hypertension can be a major problem both for the mother and child. Also it is very closely monitored since it is amongst the diagnostic criteria for pre-eclampsia, the most common pregnancy complication. Pre-eclampsia can be very dangerous for the mother and the child. Its most obvious indicator is hypertension, and most cases are diagnosed before major problems arise, but still reasons for hypertension during pregnancy are unknown. The catch, however, is that there is no known cure for pre-eclampsia other than abortion and delivery, neither of which is much of a cure. Worse still, it can move on to, though rarely, complications such as HELLP syndrome and eclampsia, which are more dangerous.
Instead of fretting over reasons for hypertension during pregnancy, it’s good to just stay cool and let the doctor monitor your blood pressure. Hypertension-related problems such as pre-eclampsia can also happen after giving birth, and this is quite dangerous since symptoms can be misread by mothers.
Reasons for hypertension during pregnancy being unknown, it’s best to know about what research and doctors say about hypertension, and problems such as pre-eclampsia. Pre-eclampsia is thought to be caused by immune intolerance. That is the mother’s body cannot tolerate the presence of certain things the baby’s body produces and prompts the immune system to attack the baby’s body tissue. It is also thought that women with a history of hypertension (chronic hypertension) or other such inflammatory ailments may have a greater risk of hypertension. Reasons for hypertension during pregnancy being unresolved, aggressive medication for sorting out these problems just before trying for conception would be useful.
Anything to do with diet or exercise is most probably not related to hypertension during pregnancy, and these are not reasons for hypertension during pregnancy. The immunological intolerance theory by far is the best explanation for the problem. Minimal exposure to the baby’s father’s semen is probably among the reasons for hypertension during pregnancy. Many scientific studies have suggested that exposure to the father’s semen is a good way for the mother’s body to build up tolerance to the baby’s body tissue. Since the baby is genetically only half the mother, the mother’s body could attack it. On the other hand, since the baby is genetically half the father, the mother’s body probably gets know what’s coming along if it has known the father’s cells. The only possibility of that happening is blood transfusion and exposure to semen.
Several scientific studies have found that women who have received blood transfusions from their partners have a lower incidence of pre-eclampsia while bearing their child. Also studies show that a long history of sex without barrier contraceptives reduces the chances of pre-eclampsia, as long as the partner is the same for that time and is the father of the child. A study went further and took into consideration the fact that the body accepts stuff better when it enters through the mouth, and checked women who had a history of oral sex, especially women who would swallow the semen. The incidence of pre-eclampsia was greatly reduced. This seems to show a connection between continued exposure to the father’s semen and reduced chances of pre-eclampsia while carrying the father’s child.
 If you are in a long-term sexual relationship with the baby’s father, with a lot of oral sex involved, you’re probably safe. And instead of looking for reasons for hypertension during pregnancy, it’s best to simply enjoy it.

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