Results of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast enlargement is the second most common cosmetic surgical procedure practiced on women in the United States. The process of recovering from breast augmentation surgery is not difficult for most patients. By following post-operative instructions from the breast augmentation surgeon, most patients can experience a trouble free recovery.


Side Effects after Breast Augmentation Surgery


1.   Most patients feel tired for several days after the procedure.


2.   The breasts usually remain swollen and sore to physical touch for up to a month.


3.   Feeling of tightness in the skin around the breasts, usually it might go away over time.


4.   Breast augmentation surgery causes a lot of stretching of the skin. While the stretched out skin grows to accommodate the new volume of the breasts it tends to itch quite a bit. Be sure to check with your surgeon to see what type of anti-itching medications or ointments you may be able to use.


5.   Infection like excessive redness in the implanted breasts, or excessive swelling, fever might require immediate contact with the surgeons. Most infections can be cleared with antibiotics, but in serious cases, the breast implant may require surgery to be removed while the body fights the infection.


6.   Long term health effects after breast augmentation surgery differs from person to person. One of the common problems is the feeling in the nipple and its sensitivity. The surgery causes anything from increased feeling and sensitivity to zero feeling in the nipple and breasts.


7.   The incision scars will most likely remain firm and pink for approximately six weeks. Over the several months, the scars will fade significantly, but they will never disappear completely.


8.   Pain medication taken after breast augmentation surgery can trigger constipation. This does not affect everyone but you should discuss this possibility with your surgeon before your procedure as well as what kind of remedies you should have on hand.


9.   In case of silicone gel-filled implants there is a risk of implant rupturing or leakage.


 Recovery after Breast Augmentation Surgery


1.   Plenty of rest is advised for patients after the surgery.


2.   Usually the surgeon will recommend the purchase of a sports bra, postoperative bra, or compression bandage in order to provide extra support and optimal positioning during the healing process.


3.   Patients are advised not to perform any activities that would raise their pulse and blood pressure such as exercise for several weeks.


4.   It is recommended that women over 4 receive annual mammograms. Breast augmentation patients should visit a radiology center where the technicians are trained to perform mammograms on women with breast implants.


5.   You will not be able to shower until your incisions are closed and your sutures have been removed. You should not raise your hands over your head at least for a week.

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