Risks And Side Effects of Botox Treatment

Botox treatments are being widely used by men and women alike to get rid of wrinkles and age lines developing on their faces, thereby making their skin tauter and firmer. But what is Botox? Does this treatment have its share of risks and side effects?

Botox is nothing but a brand name for a toxin that is secreted by a particular bacterium, Clostridium botulinum, which causes a serious condition, botulism that can lead to a person to suffer from fatal paralysis. But, this toxin when used in stipulated doses can be used to erase wrinkles, age lines and frown lines from the skin. Today, Botox is a popular cosmetic treatment that is applied to erase mild to severe lines and wrinkles that makes a person look younger. And since it is a non surgical treatment, it is the most preferred of all the cosmetic treatments. The toxin is injected into the respective muscle using a fine needle. This toxin then blocks any nerve transmissions to those muscles abetting their contractions, which is the reason for the wrinkles or the frown lines to develop. These effects take normally, about a week or so to set in. These effects, one must remember, are only temporary.
Botox is relatively a safe treatment with its risks and side effect percentage very low. Though, the Botox risks and side effects cannot be completely ruled out. Whatever side effects that might arise on treatment will last maximum only up to six months, because the Botox treatments are not permanent, but temporary treatments.
Certain patients on being injected with the toxin begin to show some bruising where injected. The most common side effects which have been noticed among those treated with Botox are –
13.3% experienced headache
3.5% experienced respiratory infection
3.2% showed temporary drooping of eyelid
3.0% experienced nausea
2.0% experienced flu syndrome
1.0 % showed hypertension (high blood pressure)
In the rarest of the cases, the Botox toxin can reach out to the neighboring muscles and lead to temporary muscle paralysis. Also, some other rare side effects include experiencing pain in the face, erythema developing at the site of injection and weakness of the muscles, difficulty in swallowing; all of these are more often than not mild in nature and can be treated easily. But, there is a slight chance of you showing extreme side effects on being treated with Botox such as chest pain, double vision or speech problems. But, these are very rare.
Botox has been thoroughly researched, studied, tested and tried in various clinical trials and has been regarded to be very safe.
Just like any other medical treatment, Botox, too cannot be completely risk or side effects free. But, it sure has made looking younger so much easier. On getting a Botox treatment, the skin on a person’s face looks firmer and younger, with all the saggy wrinkles and ugly lines gotten rid of. If you are skeptical about getting Botox treatment done fearing its side effects, you can be rest assured that it is extremely safe with all precautions taken, and if and when needed you will be provided the necessary medical help.

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