Sandra Bullock Divorce

Unlike other celebrity divorces that dominate the front pages of Hollywood newspapers and magazines, the Sandra Bullock divorce was a relatively subdued affair. The divorce was filed at the Travis County clerk’s office, Austin, Texas on April 23 this year. The reason was stated as “discord or conflict of personalities”. 

Sandra did not want undue publicity which was probably the reason why the divorce was filed under her initials (SAB) rather than in her full name. 
The main reason for the filing for divorce was believed to be the alleged involvement of Jesse Jackson with other women. Sandra claims to have been totally unaware of the affairs of her husband that were exposed by Michelle McGee and some others. Reports claim that Sandra was not happy when she saw a picture of Jess James in a Nazi salute posture and dressed in a Nazi uniform.
Both Sandra and Jesse were keen about making a clean break without much fuss and publicity. They hoped to settle the divorce amicably. The divorce was finalized in June, 2010. 45-year old Sandra expressed her sadness about the separation after a five-year marriage. 
Louis Bardo Bullock (named after Louis Armstrong) came to Jesse and Sandra’s home when he was three months old, in January 2010. After the divorce Sandra plans to raise the adopted boy as a single parent. 
Jesse James has three children, one boy and two girls, from two previous marriages. They are Chandler James who is 13 years old, Jesse James Junior who is 11 years old and Sunny James who is three years old. Jesse’s first wife Karla is the mother of the girl Chandler and the boy Jess James Jr, while his second wife Janine Lindemulder is the mother of the three year old girl Sunny.  
After the divorce, Sandra is to have no legal rights over these three children. If she wishes to visit the children she should seek for legal permission for the same. As Sandra wishes to be a part of the children’s lives, she may opt for a private visitation arrangement with Jesse. 
Jess is reported to have expressed regret at having separated from Sandra. He says that the decision to allow Sandra end the marriage and take on the single custody of the child has been the most difficult for him. He holds Sandra in high regard and regrets having caused her “pain and devastation”. 
He considers it would not have been right if he had not consented for the separation. He praises Sandra as being an amazing “wife, mother and best friend” for the six years they were together.

There will be no spousal support in this divorce as the Texas law makes it mandatory for a couple to be in wedlock for a minimum of ten years, in order to be eligible for claiming financial support. 

Blurb: The Sandra Bullock and Jesse James divorce was a quiet affair that was finalized in an amicable manner. Sandra divorced her husband because of his alleged affairs about which she was believed to have been unaware. They adopted Louis Bardo Bullock in January 2010 when he was a three month old baby. Sandra will continue to raise the boy as a single parent.

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