Seeking For Instant Stress Relief

We must have experienced times when we were in dire need of instant stress relief. Off late researchers have discovered many ways through which one can get rid of stress very quickly. These days experiencing stress have become inevitable so reducing its presence has become very important. If the stress is not reduced from our lives then over a period of time it can have catastrophic effect on our health. Insomnia, many types of heart diseases, high blood pressure, etc can occur when the stress levels go beyond the normal limits. The best way to get relief from stress it is to provide ourselves with short breaks when we take our mind off the stressful situation. Whenever you are feeling too stressed out then you can munch your favorite snack, because most of them contain carbohydrates. Carbohydrates increases the production of serotonin in the body and this chemical can help the brain to calm down. Protein based snacks should be avoided as reduces the production of serotonin in the body. You must choose a snack which is low fat because fats can delay the process of calming. 


Deep breathing can also act as an instant stress reliever, because it gives the body more amount of oxygen, which helps the tensed muscles to relax. Even the heart rate decreases during deep breathing and helps us to calm down because our heart rate increases when we are overly stressed out. So deep breathing brings down the level of blood pressure which is extremely essential for the body to retain its calm. Deep breathing exercises keep your mind off any kind of stress filled thoughts because your concentration is solely on the breathing pattern.


Stress can cause tightening of the muscles of the back, neck and shoulders. Certain light exercises can help these muscles to relax and then you will feel the instant relief from stress. When you want to get rid of stress instantly then you can take a walk for sometime. Ideally a walk for about ten minutes would suffice and help you to divert your attention from stress. A brisk walk can give your body a lot of energy as the cardiovascular system gets triggered during walking, and when you have sufficient energy in the body then you will be able to cope up with the physical effects of stress in a better way. The tension in the muscles can also decrease during walking if you choose to sway your arms. You should make sure that your walk remains brisk because a fast paced walk will make you tired and more stressed out. Scientific researches have proved that sniffing your favorite fragrance can play the role of an instant stress reliever. Because fragrances has the ability to remind you of happier times, which will help you to wipe out the stress out of your mind. At times talking to a close friend about your problems can lighten your mind. Whenever you cannot find an appropriate solution for your taxing problem, then just discuss it with your friend, it will help you to relax your mind.

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