Simple Tips to lose weight or burn calories

How many times have you started a new diet but given up hope completely after a couple of days weeks? How did you feel then? Probably frustrated, angry with yourself, a failure? These negative feelings may be even lead you to further overeating, causing you to gorge or eat comfort food in order to feel better with yourself. Back to square on then, and it all starts over again. In order to cut this vicious circle, you need to be able to include dieting into your general lifestyle.

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In fact a person habitual of overspending will be visible in the eyes of others but if you ask him, he will always say that his spending habits are absolutely normal. It will be hard to make him realize of this fact and until he realizes, it is extremely difficult to even imagine that he will improve upon his spending habits. Absolutely similar is the case of people who actually either overeat or are not diet conscious and their feeling within is whatever they eat is normal. Luckily in the case of diet there are some parameters fixed by deiticians freternity like BMI, 1200 calories dialy diet which guide us how much is overeating but unfortunately like money we don't have a fixed budget to spend. There is no wallet in the case of eating food from where we know by the end of the day how much did we eat. To know how many calories did we consume in a day, we will need to either keep writing everytime we eat or by the end of the day and then search for the calories count of every thing we ate during the day and finally make a total of the calories we consumed during the date. This is like being highly impractical and this exactly is the problem. 


Then how do we reduce / lose weight or burn calories ? How do we include dieting into our general lifestyle?   


Here we present some special tips / ways to help you lose / reduce weight and burn calories. 


Make sure you drink at least eight glasses of water a day: The first tip to lose/ reduce weight and burn calories is to drink at least 2 litres of water everyday.Research has shown that many times the body confuses its feelings of hunger and thirst. This means that many times, what you perceive as hunger is actually thirst.  If you stay hydrated, then whenever your body feels hungry, you are actually hungary and not thirsty. Water in itself is highly beneficial to our body in various areas and has no side effects.


Take many small meals a day: The second tip to lose or reduce weight to take probably six small meals a day. If you are in the habit of skipping meals, you can be in trouble. Although you may feel you are cutting down on calories if you do so, the harsh truth is that the following meal you will be starving, and will end up consuming much larger quantities of food (and calories!) than you would normally do. A general diet comprises of three square meals a day, plus healthy snacks in between ensures that your blood-sugar levels will remain constant throughout the day, and the feeling of intense, incontrollable hunger will be gone.


Start substituting: The third of the tips to lose or reduce weight is to switch over to foods with more nutritive values or whole grain type meals. It is not dieting but diet plan that is important.  Remaing hungary does help losing weight but how long can one remain hungary so in order to look sustainace of lost weight, the best way is to substitute.  If you do not feel like changing your dietary habits dramatically (which is what a diet generally does), you can start replacing certain foods by others of more nutritive value. Replace, for example, white bread with the healthier whole-grain type. Cut down on soft drinks, and take water or fresh fruit juice instead. Remember what was stated in the first point.


Here are some herbs which stimulate calorie burning


Do someexercise: This is infact one of the most important tips to lose or reduce weight  and  burn calories. A 45 minutes intense exercise helps you burn around 700 calories and imagine this figure by comparing it with 1200 calories daily reciommended diet. If you control your eating habits within 1200 calories every day, then the 700 calories you burned with exrecise are bound to come out of your exixting fat and you are bound to lose weight.  It has been proven that slimming diets yield the best results when coupled with exercise. We are talking about a 45-minute workout of moderate intensity at least three times a week. This should be fairly simple to include in your daily routines: you can walk, swim, dance, run… you can do anything you fancy! The key here is to try to enjoy the activity you are doing, in order to be able to keep it up on the long term. As you progress, you can add more minutes to your workout, or go on to more challenging activities.


Control your mind: If one can follow this tip then you have won the game. This can be the toughest issue to address. Most of the times we tend to overeat due to our emotional state or as a response to our daily tensions. Try to control this habit of eating comfort food, and you will start loosing weight quickly. If you make a compromise with yourself and say: “I will only eat five potato chips.” Take them out of the bag, close it, put it back in, then sit back and enjoy your five chips without guilt!


Stop Eating Junk Food:  Honestly speaking I have not touched a burger or Pizza for the last six months. Junk foods are the biggest friends of human weight. Just stay away from Junk foods to lose or reduce weight. Simply turn to greens and whole grain meals and within two months you will see yourself lighter.  

All the tips to reduce weight and burn calories can be discussed at length but I am sure all our readers are aware of most of these tips and just need to keep them on top their mind before deciding what to eat and what no to eat and if to eat then how much.

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Articles like this really grease the shafts of konwlegde.
by Vicki     19-Feb-2012
thanks for feature. would u say how can i reduce my fat around bally?
by mohiuddin     21-Feb-2012
Start your day with a delicious low glycemic food,a portion controlled shake that is a completely balanced meal with protein, carbs,vitamins and the right amount of fat! Full Strength provides hours of satiety while turning on the fat burning, turns off the appetite and will help you manage your blood sugar levels.
by jokiboli     19-May-2012
On a cold winter day I can eilasy manage 25000 steps per day without much effort through a combination of exercise and daily life, but in the summer I stuggle to make it to 10000 because I get so hot and thirsty. I genuinely do enjoy it though. Walking briskly gives me a high', my limbs feel loose like I've had a massage and I feel more alert.Boredom is a major factor in whether you'll fail or succeed. It's amazing what a difference listening to some good music can make. Good luck!
by Rokhii     09-Aug-2012

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