Skin Problems During pregnancy

Various kinds of Skin problems are often experienced by the women during pregnancy. Such problems include: Oily skin, Dry skin, skin darkening, Rash, Stretch marks and many more.

Oily skin: Oily skin is one of the skin problems during pregnancy. When there is hormonal imbalance, there will be more secretion of oil in certain skins, leading to pimples and skin eruptions.
Dry skin:  Drying is the main skin problem during pregnancy. Since, some women suffer from skin problem like: drying of skin which leads to itching sensation. These women should be away from Air-conditioners and Heaters as it helps in drying of skin. If at all we sit in heated or air-conditioned room, we should apply the moisturizer and the humidifier that are preserved in a particular room. Even the bowl with wide-mouth filled with water helps in increasing the humidity level of the room. If we neglect our skin during pregnancy, elasticity and the fine lines will appear on our face.
Skin darkening: Skin darkening is a normal skin problem during Pregnancy, and more than 70 percent of women suffer from dark patches or skin darkening. Linea Nigra and areola are the vertical dark lines which appear on belly during the pregnancy. This is the line extended to public area from the belly; sometimes the line is too shorter. Hormones and pigment productions are increased during pregnancy, causing the particular line darkened and fade gradually after the pregnancy. Depending on our colour, it may take a year after the pregnancy.
Rash: Rash is one of the skin problems during pregnancy. If any kind of rash occurs during pregnancy, we should always consult ‘doctor’ before applying some medicated creams as it will affect our unborn child and should always neglect self-medication.
Stretch marks: Stretch marks are one of the skin problems during pregnancy. This is caused when there is sudden gain in weight during pregnancy. The skin stretches beyond the capacity and tears causing the stretch marks. These marks take time to disappear completely.
Medical attentions are required for some kinds of skin problems which includes changes in shape, size, or colour of the mole; severe itchiness without or with a rash; or sudden gain in weight of five pounds with the puffiness of eyelids; Pyogenic granuloma.
Mole: It is the non-cancerous skin which is formed through the cells of colour-producing of skin. A mole which is present during the birth is always referred as the congenital nevus or mole. Moles are enlarged slowly in all the directions, they sometimes becomes red or warm or irritated when rubbed with rough clothes or when scratched. Later, they become smaller once they stop growing.
Pyogenic granuloma is one of the common skin problems during pregnancy. It is the bleeding bump in the skin or in the mouth. This is the blood vessels that occur as the minor injury. This is also called as the Pregnancy Tumour. Only five percent of pregnant women suffer from this problem.

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