Sleeping Positions For Better Digestion

Are you suffering from indigestion problems? Have you tried every doctor and medicines but in vain? Do you have a problem of acid reflux while sleeping? If yes, then it is the right time to ponder upon your sleeping posture as this may be the causative factor behind all the problems related to indigestion. Yes! Sleeping posture can be the culprit which at many a times goes un-noticed.


Best Sleeping Posture for Better Digestion


Sleeping on the Left Side Helps in Better Digestion: The different studies have indicated that while sleeping on the left position, one can help in adequate removal of the stomach acid whereas sleeping on the right side has been found to worsen the heart burn condition. Thus, sleeping on left side is actually very good for heart burn and even other digestive problems and is thus an important sleeping position for better digestion.


Adding a Pillow While Sleeping Aids in Better Digestion:  Another appropriate sleeping position for better digestion is to add a pillow between the knees while sleeping. If you are habitual of sleeping on your back and have problem sleeping on the left hand side then one can opt for a body pillow. This not only adds comfort to the sleep but also promotes digestion.



Head Elevation for Better Digestion: For better digestion use a bath towel to raise the head. It is possible to raise one’s head and thus bring down or decrease the chances of heartburn. Sometimes, when an individual lies on the back or side during sleep, but using one pillow may not be complete enough. Addition of another pillow may also not be appropriate as it can put an additional stress on one’s neck and may lead to neck problems. In such a scenario, addition of a bath towel on a single pillow while sleeping on the back or one one’s side can prove to be one of the appropriate sleeping positions for better digestion. This is because it will help in raising one’s head up enough where one can prevent hurting his or neck, shoulders or back and at the same time it may help in facilitating appropriate digestion. One should remember that the most appropriate sleeping position for better digestion would be to raise the head approximately by 4-6 inches in order to prevent the chances of heartburn or gastro esophageal reflux disorder, a condition which is also known as GERD.



Take Meals at Least two Hours Before Sleeping for Better Digestion: Another important thing that one needs to pay adequate attention to is that one’s final meal of the day should be taken at least 2 to 4 hours before bedtime. It is also important to avoid food items such as peppermint, alcoholic beverages, chocolate and other spicy foods during bed-time. This is because these food items may actually aggravate heartburn. Therefore, one must try to avoid these food items before going to bed.


Freefall Sleeping Posture for Better Digestion: Another sleeping position for better digestion which especially is good for preventing heartbaurn includes the freefall position. This position has been found to promote good digestion and thus is an important sleeping position for better digestion.

Thus getting plenty of rest in terms of ensuring appropriate sleep is extremely important for an individual especially when he is suffering from different types of digestive ailments. While sleeping if he ensures particular sleeping positions for better digestion, then slowly and steadily, he can contribute towards ensuring an overall better health for himself. Thus, sleeping provides healing of different medical ailments. A sleep that refreshes an individual is capable of energizing an individual for his next day’s activities. Thus, one should pay careful attention and must implement sleeping positions for better digestion in order to ensure comfort in his day to day life.

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