Slim Down With Body Wraps

Originally a ‘body wrap’ was used for treatment where plastic wrap or Ace bandages was wrapped tightly around the body for causing ‘quick weight loss’ through ‘vasodilation’. Now a body wrap is used for treatment where in you’re slathered using a body mask made from seaweed, clay, cream, mud, lotion or algae, depending on the treatment, and then wrapped around for 20 minutes to keep your body warm. Then the product is rinsed off. The body wrap process usually ends with an application of lotion. This treatment is called a body mask or body cocoon.

Benefits of a Body Wrap?
Body wraps that use seaweed, clay, mud or algae are for detoxifying treatments that help the body get rid of dangerous toxins through ‘metabolic’ stimulation. Body wraps using rich lotions and shea butter are hydrating treatments gearing towards softening the body skin.
What Happens with A Body Wrap?
Usually a body wrap begins the process of exfoliation through a salt scrub or dry brushing. You will eventually be wrapped in – often mylar or plastic, but sometimes sheets or towels. Its best and safe when a genuine massage therapist does the ideal body wrap, because by doing so they naturally incorporate correct massage techniques while applying the product. An esthetician, in the other hand, would be simply be rubbing the product on the skin. Once the product is on your body, you’re wrapped to stay ideally warm, and usually for a minimum of 20 minutes. Oftentimes the therapist leaves the room after the body wrap for you o enjoy your peaceful moments, but in sometimes they stay and might give you a fine scalp massage.
When the time is done, you would be unwrapped and the body mask would be coming off. This is why these activities often take places in wet rooms, equipped with a wet table, Vichy shower or shower. You can either jump in a shower or the massage therapist will rinse the body mask off with a special Vichy shower or a handheld shower that feels absolutely fine and fabulous.
Things to Watch Out With a Body Wrap
If you have the condition or ailment of ‘Claustrophobia’, this may not be the ideal or right treatment for your body type.
You would be left alone after the body wrap and during the treatment. If it bothers you, can ask before you book and plan accordingly the service.
Never expect a body wrap with a spa massage. You can get both treatments – massage and body wrap or look for ‘signature treatments’ that include massage, scrub and body wrap.
Home Body Wrap Kits are Selling Fast
Different ‘Body Wrap Kits’ can give great spa results from the privacy and relaxation of your home: Great for stomach fat or fat in the belly and to lose inches fast and become perfect.
Each wrap Kit usually includes everything which you would need to target stubborn belly fat and body fat: Herbal Clay Mixtures and Specialized Seaweed, Bandages, Minerals, After Cream Directions and Treatment. Body wraps are selling in huge numbers because of their great results for with the leader in ‘spa wrapping’ previously only sold in salons and spas now you are able to get the power of fine seaweed in your home and with these kits you can see fast results for quick body fat and belly reduction as well as ‘inch loss’.
Body Wraps also has different varieties and can be called as seaweed, herbal, heat and mineral wrapping have quickly become a commercial success and best seller for those who wants to lose weight fast especially in the belly or lose weight quickly, in the stomach or abdominal area, as the results are ideally instant and with repeated continuous use the results seems to become cumulative and perfect for any man or women worried about over weight or being fat.
Body wraps are most popularly used for instant weight loss, cellulite, skin firming, detox, slimming the torso and face as well as firming ‘saggy’ skin on the body, arms, neck and more. We also know that any of the facial skin care products, rejuvenation treatments and skin moisturizers work better when the skin has been detoxified.

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