Slip Disc Problem

In slipped disk condition, no disk actually slips from its place as spines are perfectly interlocked in the neighboring spines and Spinal bones are supported by a circular disk like formation of tissues that are filled with jellylike substance. More the pressure applied to spinal bones, more visibly the tissue discs are affected which further result in swollen, tore, ruptured or bulged tissue disks. As a result, there is a formation of jellylike substance to infiltrate nearby areas. This jellylike substance and burst in the tissue disks causes pressure on nerve which is placed next to these tissues to aggravate the pain. Formation of this state is regarded as slipped disc.

Actually the displacement or rupturing of cushions between spinal bones results in a situation called slip disc. However, a discipline adherence to modern day lifestyle and including precaution measures can certainly help prevent or cure slip disc problem. 



Diagnosing Slip Disc 


Knowledge is power and knowing about slip disc early benefits largely before the actual problem lands. Commonly known symptoms that are most prominently consider to diagnose a slipped disc are:

  1. A pain in back, neck and lower part of body is looked into as this may be as a result of pain in nerves due to slipped disk

  2. Complete or partially sensation less or numb feeling above or below the affected area may further lead to paralytic condition and must be looked into

  3. Another type is a weakened lower part making it impossible for the patient to stand on feet.

  4. Any itching around the genital organs or scratch like urge also need to be looked in / consulted on priority

  5. As a consequence, general activities such as coughing, walking etc. can also get hampered as the patient experiences pain in these too.

  6. An aggravated symptom is occasions of partial or regular unconsciousness

Is Slip disc curable


Problems like backaches and neck pains were seen occurring in elderly ages once upon a time. But with more and more people getting exposed to metropolitan lifestyle and other changes that occurred in the last few decades, the number of young patients suffering from slip disk also has drastically increased as also their further inability to cope with back-ache problems.


With the increase in number of patients, it is equally notable that dedicated medication through experienced physicians and surgeons has ensured complete relief to the sufferers all over. So much of information is already available regarding slip disc symptoms and cure to increase awareness in this area.


Ayurveda also has holistic cure from primary neck and back pain complexes to their extended form as slip disc and little alertness can prevent exaggerated form of pain due to slip disc. Naturopathic treatment yoga has specific postures to help prevent slip disc patients as also special relaxation techniques from its pain and to cure it.


Precisely speaking, adopting preventive measures is the better idea with today’s lifestyle than coming across the severity of pain one may have to go through.

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i had slipped disc first time @2009.then again i had it 2nd time @2011 december.i consult Dr & take regular exercises. but from 14.2.2012 i again suffer from heavy back pain instead of using belt. pl advice
by indrani     19-Feb-2012
i am 36yrs i have a problem of slip disc right now my treatment is on with neurophty as well i am using magnetic belt and drinking 6glasses of magnetic water. i am working as a physical teacher in a school, is it possible for me to continue the same profession till my fifties and is this treatment will help my this problem a long life problem.please guide for this.thank you
by gabreil fernandes     11-Mar-2012
I got slipdisc just a month ago,now after taking bedrest& precaution like not to bend & tie belt gave to me quite relief but then also I m afraid that slip disc can occur again.pls advice how to get rid again by slipdisc
by Sangeeta     26-Apr-2012

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