Slip Disc Treatment

One method of treating slip disc is through Connective Tissue Manipulation.  In this method, Physiotherapist uses soft pads of the fingers to moves in a trained way one layer of skin on the layer below.  The short, sharp, stretch reflex, created as a result of this specialized movement creates an impulse, which further gets extended out through the connective tissue.  What’s really interesting about this therapy is that the patient's brain translates this impulse so that it feels like a scratch or cut.  More the therapist tightens the connective tissue, higher the stretch reflex patient experiences.  This reflex is a small impulse which passes through the fluid in the connective tissue to release the tension.  As a result of reduced tension around blood vessel walls, more blood flows in the damaged area and relieve the patient from inflammation.  Softening the connective tissue also allows more movement to occur without causing irritation and therefore pain.  An expert therapist will start the treatment from little away the injured or painful part to further take it close to the starting point.

Lowering the tension indicates this reduction will continue.  Following occurrences of continued treatment ensure more reduction in connective tissue tension.  However, on case to case basis and depending upon stress level being added due patient’s lifestyle, this reduction will retain or subside.

Knowledge enhances possibilities of cure to any ailment.  Another method to cure slip disc is Mackenzie Exercise Regime.  This regime helps in an informative way the patients - ways to react at the first instance of experience any type of pain in their back.  While some stretching exercises help adjust the “back” mechanics and push ups assist the shepherd the discs into their rightful position.

Yoga for Slip Disc

Pranayam are the type Yoga exercises that involves breathing. These traditionally designed breathing exercises called pranayam coupled with meditation ensure comfort to the neck and back.  Yoga & pranayam largely help restore the distorted vertebral column and rib cage to their original position as also the disc ligaments.  Variants of Pranayama have shown great results and in recovering from the slip disc ailment because these breathing exercises positively impact the spine, comfort the stomach and abdomen, and repetitive systematic inhale and exhale helps relax the thigh & stomach muscles.  The pressure variation caused due to Pranayam overall retains the originality of physique.

Prevention Tips To Prevent Slip Disc

Though it is advisable to consult medication as soon as back pain is noticed persisting, some useful tips as below help:

  1. Try to keep back straight and bend from the legs and hip area wherever possible.
  2. Try to avoid activities which might cause direct stress on back, such as lifting weights, twisting and turning of back.
  3. If you are suffering from backache problem, consult a good physician and do regular exercises to soothe backache and strictly follow above tips.
  4. Whenever possible, take a good massage.
  5. Take proper rest, it is very important if you spend your entire day running around for some work, or sitting on a chair in your office.
  6. Take regular breaks from any activity that demands you to give stress/pressure on your back.

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