Sonakshi Sinha on Weight Loss

 A myriad of interviews have been conducted by well known magazines about Sonakshi Sinha on weight loss, after the success of her film, Dabangg. Sonakshi had become an overnight sensation after the magnificent box office results of Dabangg. But people who had seen Sonakshi before her film, Dabangg were quite surprised to see her svelte figure in the film, because previously she used to weight around ninety kilos, and for this film she lost around thirty kilos of weight. According to Sonakshi, one needs to put in a lot of efforts in order to lose weight and she also emphasizes that it is not an overnight process and one should not expect immediate results. The right diet and exercises have really helped Sonakshi to achieve the desired weight loss.



Sonakshi says that there is no substitute for a healthy diet and a good exercise regime, because it is the most natural way to loose weight. She used to attend gym for around five days every week. And her exercise regime also included cardio exercises. As far as her diet is concerned, Sonakshi believes in eating small meals throughout the day instead of devouring large meals. By having small meals throughout the day, one can get retain good energy levels and the metabolism rate can also get enhanced. Sonakshi remained motivated throughout the entire process of her weight loss through the help of Salman Khan who is considered to be an epitome of fitness in Bollywood. Even though Sonakshi was on the heavier side when Salman signed her for Dabangg, but he had complete faith on her and knew that she was capable to losing weight within the stipulated time frame.



Sonakshi also stresses on the importance of losing weight in a natural manner because these days people are obsessed with the zero figure and they can go to any extent in order to lose weight. Getting surgeries for weight loss is not the right option as it can bring in a lot of side effects which can harm the body at the later stage of life. Therefore Sonakshi wants people to lose weight in a healthy way by maintaining a good diet and by exercising regularly. Sonakshi Sinha has been an inspiration to many people who want to lose weight. Celebrities like Sonakshi and Sonam Kapoor had proved that one can lose weight without taking the aid of surgeries and it has inspired many people to attain a fit body. 

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