Sperm Mucus penetration test

Sperm Mucus Penetration test is performed so as to check whether the man’s sperm can travel through cervical mucus or not. This test is usually conducted when a patient is being tested for infertility that is directly and indirectly related to a man’s sperm and woman’s mucus.

Samples of man’s semen and woman’s cervical mucus are required to conduct this test. Remember, samples of cervical mucus should be collected while the woman is ovulating. After it is collected, it is sent to the lab for testing. Semen is added to the mucus in a tube by the lab researcher. After this process, the distance travelled by the sperm is measured. Sperm Mucus Penetration test can also be done with a donor sperm or a donor women mucus. This test is conducted so as to check whether the women mucus has problem or the male sperm.
Sperm Mucus Penetration test is conducted so as to evaluate sperm motility as well as to check the accuracy of the sperm. If a person is going for infertility check up, the first and foremost test is semen analysis. This test is currently the reference test conducted by the World Health Organisation. It is useful is testing the parameters f the sperm. There is a series of test that needs to be conducted for completing the Sperm Mucus penetration. The sperm functioning test which is conducted to check the ability of the sperm is known as the in-vitro Sperm Mucus Penetration Test (SMPT). It can test how the sperm travels through the cervix of the woman once the semen is released inside the vagina.
A lot of men have deficiency in the sperm count of have problems with sperm potency. Well, Sperm Mucus penetration test can prove how fertile the semen is ad whether it will be able to travel through the cervix or not. This research has been widely introduced to see the ability of the sperm to perform its fertility inside the womb of a woman. However, the basic principle of the sperm mucus penetration is the same as in case of Kremer test. In order to reflect or focus fully on the degree of penetration, vanguard distance (a distance between the foremost sperm and the end of the tube) and migration substitutes are used.
The usefulness o the Sperm Mucus Penetration test has been proper because of many reasons such as primary study designs aimed at measuring the accuracy of the test as well as the measurement of the mucus sensitivity. SMPT has been considered positive with pregnancy as the sperm has shown its ability or potency to fertilise the eggs of the woman inside the ovary. According to a study, it has proved that sperm mucus penetration test has given answers to all the medical learns stating that this test can prove positive with in-vitro sperm penetration into the cervical mucus in a possible manner. Perhaps, this test has been successful with many men and women who want to test the potency of sperm and mucus before they try to mate. 

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