Staying Healthy during Pregnancy

Once you have entered in the pregnancy period, taking care of the health of the carrying women is important and vital for the health of the mother and child. Once you are pregnant you'll be getting advice from everyone — friends, cousins-family members, doctors, colleagues, and even strangers or complete outsiders about what you shouldn't and should be doing.

Nutrition During Pregnancy

Staying healthy during pregnancy isn’t a tough task and it depends on you the pregnant women, so it's important to plan your schedules, diets and everyday activities.

Prenatal Health Care

The health of your unborn child depends on regular check up and proper diet and nutrition during pregnancy. Once you're pregnant, communicate the same to your medical provider for an appointment.
At the very first visit to your health care provider, they will do a pregnancy test, and will find out how many weeks you are into the pregnancy based on the date of your last period and a physical examination. They will use all this information for finding out your delivery date.
If you have a healthy sound body and with no serious medical conditions, most doctors will want to see you:
* Every 4th week until the 28th week of the pregnancy date
            * Then every 2nd week until the 9 months/36 weeks
            * Usually once per week until the delivery date
Throughout the pregnancy, your doctor will check your blood pressure and weight. During the medical check ups the development and growth of the baby (by feeling on your abdomen, listening for the fetal heartbeat which starts during the 2nd trimester). During the time of the pregnancy, usually doctors prescribe for prenatal tests, including urine, cervical tests, and blood test, and usually one ultrasound.
If you are needing a private health care specialist/provider to check, treat  and be with you during your pregnancy, there are several options:
     * Gynecologists/ obstetricians (commonly referred as GYNs/ OB— doctors who specialize in childbirth and pregnancy, as well as carrying women's health)
    * Family Doctors/practitioners (doctors who works for a family provides a range of services for family members of all ages — usually physicians are family doctors, but at times this includes obstetrical care)
    * Experienced nurse - midwives (experienced nurses with specialization in carrying women's health care needs, including labor, delivery, and prenatal care, and special care for complicated pregnancies; always look for certified, experienced, well mannered nurses)
Any of these choices are good if the carrying woman is sound, healthy and there's no reason to worry about your pregnancy and delivery. Usually nurse-midwives will need a doctor for the delivery in case of serious complications associated with pregnancy or a C-section (cesarean section) has to be performed.
Pregnancy is the time to be healthy in body and mind as much as possible. By healthy living means taking rest, taking nutritious during pregnancy foods, exercising and avoiding alcohol, smoking that could be harmful to the mother and child.
Take plenty of rest, minerals and vitamins, do some exercises, keeping your mind and body happy is a good plan for having a safe and comfortable pregnancy period. Diet is an important part of staying healthy during pregnancy and pregnancy is a special time for each and every women and it is a time to be careful as well. By staying healthy during the pregnancy you make sure that you don’t get any health related issues or any vitamin or mineral deficiencies. Deficiencies can impact the health and development of your unborn child, so it is necessary that you stay healthy during the whole period of pregnancy
By staying healthy and sound during your pregnancy you are making sure of the safe and sound growth and development of your child. Most parents worry about their child and first step in development of the child is that the mother has to be healthy during the whole of the pregnancy and these are some of the reasons why carrying and pregnant mothers has to be healthy during the pregnancy and it is mandatory that the pregnant mother has to take adequate amount of vitamins, iron and minerals.
Staying healthy during pregnancy is not a tough or hard thing to do, it is easy if you follow basic advice from your doctor, avoid smoking, alcohol, pills which are not prescribed by your doctor and have a good diet and adequate rest.

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