Stomach Ache In Children

Stomach pain in children is one of the most common maladies reported. A generic tummy ache could pertain to a variety of causes. Most stomach ailments are related to indigestion due to wrong eating habits.  The diagnosis and treatment of stomach ache in children is a challenge for doctors and care givers. Lifestyle changes and regular diet and eating habits are recommended to treat stomach pain in children.


Symptoms of stomach ache in children


Older children are able to describe the exact nature and location of a tummy ache. Very young children may cry and curl up. The abdomen may appear distended and tender to touch.

Pain located to the right side of the abdomen when accompanied with fever may be a sign of appendicitis. Infants often have bouts of crying due to colic. To prevent colic and gas in infants, burping after every feed is a must. In young children, pain in the lower part of the abdomen and back may be a sign of urinary infection.


Relief for Stomach ache: Stomach ache with diarrhea or vomiting is a sign of stomach infection. To prevent dehydration, the child must be put on a semi solid diet. Fluid intake should be continuous. The child should be given Oral Rehydration Solutions frequently to replenish body fluids and salts lost. A Low dose of paracetemol may be given to control fever. A heating pad when placed on the stomach may offer relief from gas.


In young children, stools which are green in color are a cause for worry and should be referred to the doctor immediately .A stomach ache for more than 24 hours should be referred to a pediatrician as it may signal some serious health problem.


In case the child I allergic to lactose, care should be taken to avoid all food allergens like dairy products and nuts as they may aggravate the condition.


Remedies for tummy ache in children


1.    The child should be encouraged to lie down on the side to facilitate good digestion.

2.    The child should be encouraged to have a few sips of warm water and have bowel movement.

3.    Sucking  a ginger sweet or peppermint soothes the child an eases stomach pain

4.    The child should be moved to a semi solid diet immediately to make it easy for the stomach to digest it.

5.    Chewing on carom, fennel or cumin seeds relieves the ache.

6.     The child should be encouraged to eat papaya or homemade jelly as this helps relieve constipation which is another cause of stomach pain.

7.    Children up to 12 years should be checked for worms and a deworming course of medication should be given twice a year.

8.    Children are often given calcium supplements which may cause incomplete digestion and stomach ache. In such a case, the calcium supplements should be stopped.

9.    Drinking plenty of water can also help in improved digestion and expelling wastes and toxins from the body.


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