Summer skin and beauty dos and donts


Summer is a dangerous time for our skin particularly facial skin. Heat, wind, dust, and excessive exposure to direct sun are the destroyers of the delicate cells and pores. As the temperature rises, the reaction of your skin and make-up will be much different than in other times of the year.  Summer therefore requires its own special beauty tricks and thorough care, in terms of choosing makeup, creams, soaps, and…not to forget, what we eat and drink. It is essential to switch to a summer beauty regimen for a radiant skin and look beautiful in the warmer and longer days.  


The obvious summer damages include the eye shadow becoming a greasy pool in your eyelid creases. A coat of black mascara will add magic to your eyes. Your hair sticky and flat or becomes rough and your hair color may appear like mud against your tan. But you can still be as beautiful as in other seasons following a few simple dos and don’ts! 


Let’s Take a Look at the Dos and Don’ts for Summer Skin and Beauty 


Keep Your Hair off Your Face


To keep the sweat off your neck use headbands, ballerina bands, loose buns, ponytails etc. All these are gorgeous looks for the summer season.  


Have a Lighter Hair Color 


All types of hairs thick, coarse, wavy and curly hair have a tendency to frizz, particularly during the summer months when humidity level is at its highest. A lighter hair is more gorgeous in summer. Light blonde highlights around your face are particularly gorgeous. Color can also add body to the fine, limp hair.


Natural colors are best suited to summer as the sun will lighten the hair color anyway. If you have black or brown hair, consider caramel highlights or choose an all-over hair color a shade lighter than your current color.


It is common knowledge that a conditioner is necessary in summer to control frizzy hair. Leave the conditioner on for a few minutes on the hair before rinsing off. You can also try wrapping your hair in a towel with the conditioner on and let your hair soak for 10-15 minutes and rinse it out. For drying hair wrap a towel for several minutes to remove excess moisture. 


You can put some mousse on our wet hair allow it to dry for adding bounce to your hair. Protect your hair color using a protector as the sun can turn colored hair into wild colors. Hot oil massage can help to repair damaged hair or can control frizzy hair so use it only once in a week. Another summer beauty tip is to wear a hat when going out.


Summer Hair Care Don’ts


Do not use hair dryer as in summer it is not necessary as hair dries naturally. Flat iron should also be avoided as your hair gets flat naturally during summer.  Do not use a scarf. Never use a comb or a brush when the hair is wet.


Summer Skin Care


Using a tinted moisturizer is a healthy way to protect your skin from the harshness of summer heat. Anti acne body wash can take care of your body skin. You can protect your face, neck and other skin with SPF that suits you. Protect your skin from sun burn with the regular use of sun screen lotion. 


Maintain your skin clear by using a face wash washing your face two to three times a day in summer. Mild soap should be used for washing your face. Use a creamy combination of virgin coconut oil with essential oils and carrot seeds and sweet orange to moisturize your skin. Its anti oxidant and emollient properties can ensure the vital moisture of your skin and keep it young for years.


For a glowing skin use this simple treatment: Prepare a mask by mixing two spoons of coke powder, honey, one spoon oat mill powder and milk butter and leave it for half an hour. Massage the face using this and leave it for a few minutes.  Clean the face with warm water.

Use blues and turquoise for eye shadow. Use water proof mascara. An eye shadow primer will prevent your eye shadow from melting. Waterproof mascara and liner are suitable for summer season as they can keep you looking fresh for long. Pink flushed looks is highly recommended for summer. A bronzer on the forehead, nose and cheeks or a pink blush can add a glamorous look to your face.  You can also nourish your facial skin with a treatment of covering your eyes with slices of cucumber, applying a face mask of yogurt and soft fruit. It also helps you to relax and rejuvenate with freshness and the bonus is a healthy glow on your face!


Include an anti perspirant in your summer beauty routine. It is also better to use natural shades for your nail paints. Toe nails can be painted in bright colors such as orange. Light pink sandals are best for summer wear.  Wear a well fitting bra for a chic look. Use lip gloss with natural shades. Use of Lip balm with SPF 15 is ideal during summer days.Wear sunglasses to get perfect summer protection.


Skin Care Don’ts

Avoid overuse of face powder. Blotting papers are better for this purpose.   Avoid using too much of cosmetics that contain chemicals. Never go to bed without removing your make up.  Avoid smoking as it can directly show on your skin. Exercise caution with self-tanner and go for a sunless tanning lotion instead.  For hair removal you can use the Razor-less Hair remover gel and tissue instead of the razor. Never skip summer's colors, for example hot pink lip gloss can brighten up everyone’s face.

Summer Diet and Healthcare Tips

A well balanced diet is that which includes lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, salads, buts, and leafy vegetables in large quantity. White four or refined sugar, fatty substances, chemicals and frozen foods should be avoided.  Grains and sugar are harmful as they disturb the metabolism and harm your immune system.  Make it a point to follow the cleansing routine everyday to remove the greasy residues and for opening up the pores.  Drinking at least 8 glasses of water ensures that your skin is properly hydrated. Keep away from alcohol. Early morning and late evening sunlight is good for the skin so you can soak in the sun at these times.

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