Sun care products

Sun care products range from a wide variety of foundations, lipsticks, moisturizers and creams. Sun care products can be cosmetic and can be clinically recommended. A few decades ago a moisturizer used to be the basic need of one an all, and probably the only skin care need. But it is also important to consider the environmental situation dated back then. In this day and age of global warming it is not a luxury to invest in sun care products rather it is a need.


Varying Sun Care Products Required


It is not a very desirable feeling to have sun burn lines over you nose or pigmentation around the region of your cheeks. Highly understandable, no one likes having marks on the face, marks look good only on some things like a strawberry, pineapple or may be a Dalmatian. But truly, it is not meant for you to carry around on you face. To counter the sun damage you need to use a range of sun care products not just sunscreen moisturizers.



SPF Creams


In the market a variety of foundations with SPF’s as skin care products are available. This is highly useful as the base layer of make up which you may apply in the day time protects you against the UVA and UVB rays of the sun. The UVA and UVB sun rays are responsible for the skin damage caused by the sun as these rays have the inherent potential to counter the use of the skin pigment melanin.


Melanin: Pigment Responsible for Skin Color


Melanin is a skin pigment which protects you against the harmful rays of the sun. Melanin is also a barrier acting pigment which protects your skin against skin cancer. Its Foundation is not only for concealing purposes, rather they also bring a glow to your skin, and when accompanied by an SPF it just keeps on getting better.



Varying Skin Care Products in Market Available


With the highly sophisticated range of sun care products available in the market, why give your skin the option to under go painful skin treatments when these problems can be easily prevented. With the advent of sophisticated sun care products, lipsticks have also been endowed with a SPF. Off the counter they are available with the SPF range of 15 to 20. Depending on what you are willing to invest, you will gain access to highly specialised sun care products. The higher the SPF of the sun care products, the better it is for your skin. But, if you reside in a region where the intensity of the sun is low choose a low SPF, a high SPF is not required in low sun intensity areas.


Doctor's Consultation Must Before Their Use


Consult your dermatologist in case you need to check what kind of sun care products within what range of SPF is required to meet your personal requirements. Moisturizers are usually a part of everyone’s daily skin care regime and it is best advised to continue using it. A dry skin type may require a cream and an oily skin may require a moisturizer. Be a juggler par excellence with these sun care products.

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