Symptoms And Treatment Of Bed Bug Bites

Identifying the symptoms of bedbug bites is rather a difficult one. Therefore, before getting to know about the symptoms, we have to focus our attention on the pattern of the bites. We should also know how the symptoms are pronounced on the body. We should even look for unusual signs caused by bedbug bites. Usually the bedbug bites look like small red bumps. We can compare this to mosquito bites. However, the pattern of the bedbug bite helps identifying it clearly, as it is unique. Three to four sizes of the pattern appear on the skin due to bedbug bite. They appear in a straight line, with varying sizes. Symbolically, they are like breakfast, lunch and dinner in ratios. The pattern may appear as a single one also, but the most common symptoms are the straight line patterns. 


The onset of the symptoms caused by bedbug bites plays an important role in diagnosing bedbug bites. These bites cause different effects on different persons. However, welts and swelling are the typical symptoms associated with bedbug bites. When compared to mosquito, bedbug bites cause more itching. The itches persist for a longer time also. Even though the above symptoms of bedbug bites are very common in many people, some people do not have any reaction at all on their bodies. Generally the symptoms appear slowly after the bedbug bites. In some cases this time gap is as high as 9 days too. 

Another important thing is that the symptoms caused by bedbug bites should not be misdiagnosed for any other causes. It is very common that people connect similar symptoms to skin diseases. Allergic rashes or scabies are many times referred to in this respect, and this leads to a wrong conclusion, resulting in an inappropriate treatment. It is therefore necessary to look for other signs of bedbug bites. The affected areas look reddish. Bedbug bites may leave odors on the skin due to secretion of their glands. The presence of bedbug can be confirmed if dark fecal spots are observed on the bed sheets used for sleeping. The hiding places of bedbugs also may have this mark. 

Normally, bedbug bites do not require any treatment. However, your doctor may prescribe steroid creams or oral antihistamines when the itching is severe. This is only to manage the symptoms and give quick relief. There are no known infections caused by bedbug bites. Anyway, due to severe scratching there is a chance of secondary bacterial infection. This, of course, requires treatment with antibiotics. Therefore, bedbugs are not harmful and symptoms caused by their bites can be treated easily. Leaving it as it is too will not generate any health problem. Moderate care is sufficient to treat these symptoms, but secondary bacterial infections caused due to scratching are to be treated with proper care. Usually the symptoms of bedbug bites disappear in a day or two. If you want to eradicate the bedbugs problem, avoid using pesticides containing permethrins or pyrethrins as these chemicals can cause skin irritation, swelling and redness. 

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