Taking Care of Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are an important part of any makeup kit as they play a very important role in the process of makeup.  As they are used in direct contact with the skin it becomes all the more important to maintain the brushes clean and fresh for each application. Cleaning of make up brushes is a necessity to maintain clean skin.

When used on the skin, make up brushes pick up oil and grime from the skin. Dust in the atmosphere settles on the bristles. Most make up products leave a moist residue on the brush. All these provide a breeding ground for bacteria. When infected brushes are used, skin infections follow. If make up products are shared by many people, infections spread from person to person.

To maintain hygiene, it is essential that make up brushes are cleaned regularly. Maintenance of the brush becomes difficult as the bristles are delicate and wear off with over cleaning. The trick is to clean the brushes gently and to store then correctly. Though not always practical, make up products should be handled by a single user only.


How to Clean Make up Brushes


1. Dab a mild solution of ethyl alcohol on a cotton swab and run it over the handle of the brush


2. Hold the brush under gentle stream of Luke warm water.


3. Prepare a solution of oil free make up remover, facial cleanser and water in a 1:1:2 proportion. Swirl the brush around in the solution for 2 minutes. Press the brush in a clean lint free towel.


4. Wash the brush under Luke warm water till the entire make up washes off.


5. Once the water comes out clear, wash under cold running water


6. Press the brushes in a clean towel to remove excess water.


7. Keep the brushes flat .Dry under the sun or air dry.


8. Fluff up the bristles.


9. Store the dry brushes in a clean carry case keeping the eye make up brushes separate from the regular make up brushes.


Further Tips


1. A good quality brush cleaner can be made using baby shampoo. Add a few drops of baby shampoo to a cup of Luke warm water and swish the brushes in this liquid.


2. Never dry wet brushes with the bristles upward. The water may run into the ferrule and wash out the glue holding the bristles together.


3. Before drying make up brushes, gently pat with a lint free towel and dry in a flat position


4. Do not wash brushes in hot water. Natural bristles will be ruined if washed with very hot water


5. Reshape brushes when half dry – On being washed bristles tend to lose their shape and need to be reshaped before use.


6. In case the bristles seem hard, use a mild conditioner on the bristles and wash off with cold water.

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