Teenage Acne

Teenage acne does not bring any amount of joy to the teenagers who suffer from it. Besides the pain, one has to also deal with the impact that teenage acne has on our social and emotional stature. The psychological effect of teenage acne is much more painful than living with the scars left on the skin by acne. The personality of the patient gets affected and he carries the grudge of experiencing acne throughout his life. The scar due to teenage acne disappears with time but the scars which are caused psychologically stays with a person forever. Acne can appear in many types. Somebody can experience blackheads, whiteheads, or plain pimples. Depending on the condition every case can differ on the basis of severity. The chest and the face get infested with acne spots if the condition is mild. When teenage acne becomes severe then acne lesions can be noticed throughout the body and it can be quite painful. Statistics prove that teenage acne is more rampant in the males in comparison with their female counterparts.  


Reasons and causes of teenage acne


The cause for teenage acne also varies from person to person. Skin pores gets clogged due to excessive presence of sebum, genes, a weak immune system, unhealthy lifestyle, etc has been held responsible for the causes of teenage acne. Many causes are expressed by patients but out of them only few can be accounted as the real causes for acne, and the rest of them are just myths. In order to find a good treatment for teenage acne, the underlying causes for the condition have to be known as well. Without having adequate knowledge about the causes people tend to consume the wrong antibiotics which naturally fails to garner the results.  


Hormonal changes and acne 


Puberty is the phase when a lot of hormonal change takes place in the body. And it is not unnatural for the body to produce more sebum at this time. At times the body has a large quantity of toxins present in them which can also invite teenage acne. Once the real causes of teenage acne are known then it becomes easy for the doctor to guide the patient towards the right treatment. Parents play a very pivotal role in shaping up the mindset of a teenager who is dealing with teenage acne. A teenager should never be accused by the parents for teenage acne as a person does not have any control over the growth of acne. If parents can make the child understand that teenage acne is a very common phenomenon and it is must not interfere with our self esteem then a child can lead his life without any anxiety. Numerous treatments for teenage acne is present but if a person tries all of them, then it would definitely not help the acne go away as only one type of treatment would suit a person’s skin. And therefore it is futile to experiment with all the treatments. Teenage acne cannot go away if the patient only tries to repair the external factors. For complete annihilation of acne a person should try to be healthy from inside.

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