The Acai Berry Diet

The Acai Berry is a fruit that grows on a palm tree that is found in the Amazon. It has been used in Brazil for over 10 decades and is thought of to be part of a number of traditions.


The Acai Berry diet became highly popular after a particular segment that was featured on the popular talk show “The Oprah Show” wherein Dr.Perricone declared the acai berry to be the best antioxidant food. After Oprah announced that she had included the fruit into her daily diet, the news spread like wildfire and thousands of people did the same and now swear by the Acai Berry Diet.


With the purpose of enhancing its popularity, a number of websites have begun referring to the Acai Berry diet as Oprah’s diet plan. Naturally, this is a mere marketing gimmick and it is important to keep in mind that the Acai Berry is not attached to a diet plan.


Contrary to popular belief, the acai berry did not give rise to a new acai berry diet plan. Instead, it is recommended to use this antioxidant in combination with other diet plans by those who are looking to lose weight. This fruit is popularly used as a supplement alongside intestine cleansing products. It is also used with other such nutritional components that are proven to result in fast weight lost.

This berry is also popular due to the simple fact that its antioxidant effects have been proven true. Berries like blueberries also possess high levels of antioxidant effects but the acai berry surpasses them all. According to a number of sources, this fruit and the acai berry diet will lead to a large number of positive effects such as the general well being of individuals  Also, it has been said that people who consume this berry on a regular basis claim to have more energy as well as stamina. All these positive effects lead to weight loss.

The other benefits of the acai berry diet include cleansing and detoxifying the body, supporting cardiovascular wellbeing, enhancing vision, slowing down the aging process, improving digestion, reducing insomnia, boosting immunity and increasing mental clarity. However, majority of these claims that support the acai berry diet have not been proven scientifically and are mere assumptions.

Other supporters of the acai berry diet say that the berry has the ability to also reduce ones appetite, improve metabolism and enhance digestion. This is due to the fact that the acai berry is made up of a number of proteins and the like, that contribute to the above-mentioned benefits. These include fatty acids, phytosterols as well as amino acids.


The Acai berry diet which includes the acai berry allows it to be consumed in the form of capsules, juice and even powder. Depending on form as well as the dosage, the cost of the acai berry is about 40 to 80 dollars on a monthly basis.




  1. Due to its antioxidant effects which have been proven scientifically, the acai berry diet holds the benefit of eliminating the risk of those diseases that are associated with the natural process of aging. These include cancer as well as heart disease.

  2. The above mentioned antioxidants that are produced by the acai berry which is included in the Acai berry diet also contribute to the advantage of those who exercise on a regular basis. The reason being that these antioxidants have the ability to counterbalance the radicals that are emitted during physical activity.

  3. Other benefits of the acai berry diet include a reduced appetite along with a higher stamina and greater energy.


  1. In case a dieter wishes to consume the acai berry and follow the acai berry diet on regular basis for a long period of time, it can prove to be expensive due to its cost that depends on its dosage.

  2. It has been established over the years that in order to lose weight, one must make lifestyle changes. However, the acai berry diet does not support this belief.

  3. Even though the Acai berry diet puts forth a large number of claims that result in rapid weight loss, these are not supported by concrete scientific research.

  4. Due to its extreme popularity, a number of websites are selling the acai berry which is included in the acai berry diet. However, most of these products are inferior and the claims have been reported to be mere money-making scams.

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