The Best Facial Moisturizers

No matter what type of skin you have, all of them need protection from sun and ageing from every day environment. We can get all type of beauty treatment done of our body to slow down the skin ageing process but face is one part of the body which is continuously exposed to sun whereas other part of our body is well protected with clothes. That is the reason we need to put facial moisturizer, not simple facial moisturizer but best facial moisturizer. They should be often used specially moving out in the sun or in cold climatic regions where face develop crack and dryness due to non application of facial moisturizer.


Which Moisturizer to Select


There are so many branded and unbranded facial moisturizers present in the market but which one best suit the face is what we have to look out for. The best facial moisturizer is one which hydrates your face rather than dehydrates it. Normally when we are exposed to environmental conditions, we loose lot of natural oil from our face and therefore, the best facial moisturizer prevents it from doing so and continues to regenerate moisture. Facial moisturizer comes in various forms like liquids, gel, cream and serums. They are basically oil-water emulsions.

Normally these lotions have an oil-water base with droplets of water in oil. They do not separate from each other but hot it together. It is a bit greasier but works best on a dry skin which helps keep face slightly oily and prevents from going dry.


It is Surprising to Know that Best Facial Moisturizer is not at all a Moisturizer.


Once you apply best facial moisturizing lotion/cream it will last the whole day. It is recommended to apply it at least twice in winters and especially if you have dry skin. Best facial moisturizing lotion/cream gives protection from dust, sun, cold in winters and heat in summers. It also relaxes your face after stressful day. Best facial moisturizing lotion/cream helps in preventing premature aging signs. Best facial moisturizing lotion/cream works as a shield against pollutions and extreme weather conditions which can cause wrinkles on your face. Best facial moisturizing lotion/cream tightens the skin of the face and nourishes it thereby avoiding early aging signs.


Best facial moisturizing lotion/cream can be applied on all face types and will not cause any allergy or irritation even for sensitive skin type. Moreover Best facial moisturizing lotion/cream is available in different colors and scents. After applying it, you can get the fragrance of it and will keep you and your skin fresh.


Ingredients In Facial Moisturizer


There are different types of facial moisturizer available in the market. Some people are apprehensive in using facial moisturizer and think that it will harm their face or can cause rashes but it is not like that. Facial moisturizer are made of natural ingredients as well that will suit all skin type and will never harm your skin. On the contrary, it will keep your skin healthy, smooth, fresh and young. These natural ingredients in facial moisturizer help in preventing wrinkles. It helps face to breath as does not allow pores to be blocked by dusts and pollution.


Facial moisturizer is cost effective and it pays you more than what you have spent on it. So complete value for your money. It is easily available in the market and handy to carry anywhere. Few minutes of gentle massage of facial moisturizer will keep your face always young and healthy.


Face gets excessively dry in winter’s time.  Facial moisturizer becomes almost a must during winter. At times it can be very embarrassing to have dry face, hence regular use of Facial moisturizer is very much required. You can apply Facial moisturizer any time in a day but the best practice is to apply it after taking bath as your face gets very dry after using soap especially in winters. Facial moisturizer gets absorbed into the skin very fast and easily after taking bath as face pores gets opened. Applying Facial moisturizer before going to bed is also good as it will relaxes your face skin which is stressed and exposed throughout the day. It will work overnight and when you get up in the morning, you will find your skin extremely smooth, shinning and clean. You can apply Facial moisturizer anytime but after bathing and at the time of sleep will give its best results.

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