The Best Wrinkle Treatment

Wrinkles appear only as you start growing old. Young people have smooth unlined faces. What is it that makes a skin wrinkle as you grow old? It is seen that younger boys and girls have higher levels of hyaluronic acid that is instrumental in keeping wrinkles at bay. The collagen functioning too is very efficient while you are young. This keeps the skin firm supple and wrinkle free. Keratin is a structural protein that is instrumental in maintaining the health of skin bone and nails.  


Best anti-wrinkle components


There are hundreds and hundreds of creams, treatments and cosmetic makeovers that claim to do away with wrinkles. But the best wrinkle treatment would therefore be one that can replenish the above components in your body and delay the aging process.  


Hyaluronic acid

This component helps keep the skin free from wrinkling. As we grow older the amount of hyaluronic acid in the body is depleted. Hyaluronic acid supplements will therefore effectively help prevent and repair wrinkles


Restylane is a safe, non-animal based source of hyaluronic acid. It is a safe and effective injectible component that can keep wrinkles at bay for a period of six months after an injection. The treatment is cost efficient even if you go for multiple sessions, prices starting from $275. 


Wakame Sea Kelp, first found in Japan is another remarkable natural source for maintaining the hyaluronic acid level. It does so by nullifying the effect of those enzymes that break down the acid. 



Collagen is present in all tissues, skin, bones and cartilages. It helps prevent degeneration of these and the synovial fluids. In short, it is a component that is crucial in keeping you young and fit. After you are 25years old, the collagen level starts falling. When you are sixty years old you will have only half the quantity of collagen that you had when you were 25!  



helps the bones, nails, skin and tissues remain firm and young. There are several keratin products but they are mostly animal based and have been hydrolyzed, due to which they are rendered quite ineffective. Functional keratin is an amazing new discovery, a natural component, that when absorbed by the skin can trigger collagen growth.  


The natural and active functional keratin is able to help the body start creating healthy collagen levels. However Functional Keratin is found only in very few skin care products (because of patent protection laws) and is very expensive. 




The Best Wrinkle Treatment


The best wrinkle treatment would thus be a product that can maintain the keratin, collagen and hyaluronic acid levels in the body to ensure a healthy and young looking constitution. A treatment that has supplements of these components should also provide for natural anti-oxidizing properties that work against free radicals. Natural products always score over synthetic in terms of effectiveness and decreased risks of adverse symptoms. 


Maintaining a healthy life style and having meals rich in fluids, fruits, vegetables and fiber also does a lot to help fight ageing and its adverse effects. 


Along with experience and wisdom, one is saddled with unwelcome wrinkles too, as age advances. The best wrinkle treatment would be one that can replenish those components that have been depleted with advancing age, like keratin, collagen and hyaluronic acid. A good wrinkle cream should also have natural anti-oxidants. Good food, exercise and a healthy lifestyle are also important factors that can fight aging.

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