The Numerous Nutritional Benefits Of Brocolli

Broccoli is a vegetable impregnated with profuse amounts of nutrients. It is the king of all vegetables. Broccoli is not so familiar to all, but many families have it in their diet agenda. Its outstanding benefits are numerous, the reason why people do not mind its poor taste and use it for its values.  


Broccoli is a vegetable that can fight cancer. Its exceptional ability of fighting cancer is due to the presence of two compounds in it. They are indole-3 (I3C) and sulforaphane. These compounds combat the substances which cause cancer. I3C fights hormone induced cancers, whereas sulforaphane enhances the production of certain enzymes that can block cancer. I3C also brings down the levels of estrogen which can aggravate tumor growth. This estrogen is harmful particularly with breast cells and in general with hormone sensitive cells. Broccoli has also been found useful in fighting against cancers in prostate gland, breast and colon. 


Further more benefits are provided by broccoli as it contains beta-carotene. After entering into the body system, beta-carotene gets transformed into vitamin A and begins playing the role of an antioxidant. It therefore becomes possible for beta-carotene to prevent diseases by eradicating the oxygen cells that can damage the cells. It reduces the risk of heart attacks and cataracts, besides cancers. Broccoli contains vitamin C. Therefore your immune system is strengthened, resulting in prevention of heart diseases and cancers. 


Broccoli is rich in calcium, and so, it develops strong bones. Obviously, osteoporosis is prevented. Broccoli contains ample fiber contents, which is helpful in preventing constipation, colon cancer, hemorrhoids, high cholesterol, obesity and heart diseases. Broccoli is rich in folate. This substance gives added advantages to women. Folate can promote normal tissue growth and save the fetus against birth defects. For the women taking birth control pills, the levels of folate will be low usually, and so, to compensate this deficiency they may have to take folate when they plan for pregnancy. When folate is made available through a natural source, namely, broccoli, is it not a better proposition to consume it on a regular basis? 


The numerous benefits provided by broccoli are common to all – whether the person is ill or well. You can eat broccoli in its raw form also. You can otherwise include it in a salad. Broccoli can be used in dinner as a side dish. Purchase broccoli pieces that are darker in color, as the color indicates the concentration of beta-carotene. Do not purchase broccoli pieces which are tending to turn into yellow color. The yellow color indicates that broccoli is at the threshold of losing its nutritional values. Do not overcook broccoli and prepare it in a proper way to limit the losses of the nutrients it contains. 


The list of the numerous benefits of broccoli is exhaustive. Essentially, it contains vitamins A and C, calcium, folic acid, carotenoids, fiber and other nutrients such as dietary selenium, diindolyl methane and sulforaphane. Last but not the least, broccoli is very less in calories, and saturated fat is absent in it.

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