The Perfect Makeup For Prom Night

The prom night happens to be the most important event in the life of a high school going teenager. Girls usually dream and plan about the event for months before the night with the desire of being the best-looking girl around! However, while most of the effort and planning is concentrated on the dress that they would be wearing, one must realize that makeup is what makes the difference between a good looking girl and the best looking one!


Dresses, especially gowns, can be bought off the market, with several trials and re-shopping. Purchasing matching accessories is also not a big deal unless you are really choosy and it’s hard to satisfy your requirements! However, makeup is something that you’ll have to do just hours before the prom, and it has to come good in the first time itself. Makeup would generally start with your hair being styled and include facial and other skin makeup too! So here are some tips on how to bring on the perfect look for the prom night that would make heads turn at you!



Hairstyle – This is something no girl can afford to mess up. A messed up hair would mean the end of any style statement a woman is trying to make! Therefore, it is best to leave the job to a professional stylist. Parlors are the best option, but make sure you have a prior appointment fixed, as you need to make things happen on time! The most important thing is to be sure of the style that you want to put to your hair. A professional advice on that front is something that you should look for. Make sure that you have the pictures of your favorite hairstyle so that you can ask your stylist to do things the way you exactly want it to be! There are certain things one should keep in mind before choosing a particular style.



It should not be extremely out-of-the-world stuff – Aping a movie-style hairdo is not always the right option, not until you can carry it off confidently!


It must go well with your dress and rest of the makeup.

You should be comfortable with it while dancing and partying during prom


Facial makeup – This again needs you to plan things ahead of time, probably during one of your daydreams thinking about dresses and shoes! Be clear on what you want to look after the complete makeup is done. It is a safe decision to keep the makeup simple yet elegant, but ultimately it is a matter of personal preferences. Eyes are an important part of your face, and will speak for all the makeup you have applied on your face! So, it is important to get the eyes correct, while not overdoing it. The same goes for lips and cheeks too! It is a good idea to remove excess skin hairs from hands and legs, either by waxing or any other method that suits you. But the most important thing is to make the look appropriate with the hairstyle and the dress that you have put on.


Nails – This is something that deserves a special mention. Girls can go on forever trying to get the perfect shape. No matter how good it is, the desire for better has seen girls wasting hours after it. However, the prom night makeup doesn’t give you enough time to do your nails with your own sweet time. Therefore, it is a good idea to go for professional manicure for the day. Also, ensure that you have the schedule fixed before hand, so that it doesn’t clash with your hair styling or facial makeup time.


The basic idea is to keep it simple, and try something that you are confident about. Trying too hard to achieve a look that looks gorgeous of models might not bring the same effect on you. Therefore, the best thing to do on such occasions is to stick with your own style! One last tip that might come in handy: Carry certain things on your handbag that might be helpful for crisis management. You many feel the need to re-apply the lipstick or the hairspray, or might even need to check on a mirror whether your eye mascara is on place. Hence, it is wise to have these useful items with you to your prom night.


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