The Right Way To Apply Perfumes

Perfume can be a wonderful additive in your everyday dress up routine. It helps ensure that you smell fresh and beautiful all day long. While you want the fragrance to linger on subtly all through the day, you don’t want to over do it so that everyone around you is gasping for fresh air! And at the same time, you don’t want it to be that subtle that no one realizes that you’re wearing perfume! So the question arises, what is the right way to apply perfume! How much is that right quantity and where should you apply it to maximize the effect. Read on to find out more on the right way to apply perfume.


Applying perfume once you’re out of your bath, and haven’t dressed up yet is the right way to apply perfume. The right time of application is a key factor to follow the right way to apply perfume. Once you’re out of your bath, tie up your hair and apply perfume as required. This will avoid your clothes and jewelry from getting stained with the scent. Especially pearls, they tend to get stained with a strong scent very soon. So make sure you put on your clothes and accessories once the perfume has properly settled, it’s the right way to apply perfume.

Applying perfume in the right areas is another important factor to keep in mind if you’re trying to find the right way to apply perfume. Apply less quantity, but in the right areas, this will help keep the fragrance long lasting and fresh, and won’t make it strong and excessive. Apply one spray on each of the pulse points; it’s precisely the right way to apply perfume. Start with applying it on your wrists, then behind your earlobes, collarbones, base of your throat and finally, bring your elbows together and then apply it on your breasts. If you’re wearing a dress or a skirt, then you should apply a little on a pulse point in your lower body; try applying it behind your knees, it’ll make the fragrance long lasting. When you’re applying in on your wrists, apply on both wrists separately. Most people tend to apply on one wrist and then rub both the wrists together, that is definitely not the right way to apply perfume! DO NOT do this; it breaks down the scent, making it smell different from its actual fragrance.

Some women prefer to apply perfume on hair as well. But this is something that’s not required, just wash your hair well with a nice smelling shampoo (something like honey or banana shampoo from body-shop is my personal favorite!) and keep it clean. But if you’re still adamant on applying a scent, always follow the right way to apply perfume. There are two ways of doing so; one- apply it on hour hands and then disperse it through your hair, or you can apply it directly on your hair, but make sure that while doing so you’re holding the perfume bottle at least 8 inches away from your hair. One more important point to remember while following the right way to apply perfume in your hair is that you can apply perfume ONLY if you’ve just washed it, or else the natural oils on your scalp will react with the scent and make it smell completely different all together. Also, make sure that you don’t apply any perfume to your hair brush or hair comb. Otherwise, it’ll get stained of the scent and every time you brush your hair, it’ll react with your pheromones and scalp oils, making it smell weird.

Its been scientifically proven that if you have dry skin or if you’re fair, then the scent wears off from you way sooner that it does from a relatively darker person or someone who has oily skin. So if you have dry skin or if you’re fair, you might want to dab a little more of your perfume when you go to the washroom. This way you’re sure to smell great all around the clock by following the right way to apply perfume.

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