The Right Way To Do Long Lasting Eye Makeup

Eyes are considered to be the most beautiful and attractive part of the face. Women crave to have perfect eyes, as the correct pair of eyes seems to make a woman beautiful all by itself. Therefore, one needs to have a proper makeup for eyes, which would last for a long time too. Eye makeup often depends upon the purpose of the makeup. Different places need emphasis on different features of the eyes. An eye makeup for daytime use may be completely different from a evening makeup, which in turn has variations with a night look!  


For a long lasting eye makeup, one must start with the lashes. It is considered that on adding lashes, there is a different energetic look that gets added to the eyes also. One can use eyelashes in different ways to bring out various looks like higher eyebrows and glitzy eyes. Some people use lashes in place of mascara for a better and long lasting effect. However, there are certain steps to apply lashes so that they stay from the day to the evening. 


1. Use wisp lashes that has clear spaces between lashes. Also, it is a good idea to also buy lash adhesives, which comes in small tubes.  


2. There is a proper way to add lashes to your eyes. First, place one single drop of lash adhesive on the container. You need to take the lash out of the container carefully as it is often the case that lashes remain glued to its container.   


3. Then, you need to carefully put in on your eyes without messing up the individual lashes on the band. The lash bands are generally longer than the normal eye size, and therefore, it is okay if one corner of the lash band gets messy. 


4. Also make sure, that the lashes are not applied all the way to the inner corner of the eye. For a long lasting effect, the adhesive needs to be glued uniformly; otherwise it may work loose later.  


The second most popular eye makeup for women is the eye shadow. But, often they refrain from putting eye shadows of out the concern that the whole makeup would end up being smeared up in the middle of the eyelid. However, there are certain ways of preparing a proper eye shadow that would remain unaltered for a long time.  


1. Firstly, try and use a light eye cream on the eyelid, which would help to absorb the excess oil from the eyelids. This is important for women with oily eyelids. However, it is not advisable to use heavy creams, and only silicone-based creams are recommended for the best effect. 


2. It is also not a good idea to apply any foundation or concealer before putting on eye shadow. It will just steal away the complete effect of the eye shadow base, which just defeats the whole purpose of putting the eye makeup. 


3. Like mentioned earlier, use an eye shadow base instead of concealer and foundation. However, please remember to choose the base according the type of your eyelid. There are separate products available for dry and oily eyelids. 


4. They best effect of the shadow base can be brought out by applying it with a thin brush. Using the fingertip as an alternative may sometimes end of breaking down the eye shadow base. Therefore, the best way is to use a flat brush! It is specially recommended for women with oily eyelids. 


5. One should apply only a thin layer of eye shadow to get the full effect. Also, make the product mildly warm before using it on the eyelids. The eye shadow will be as good as the base. Therefore, it is of prime importance that the base is set all right before moving on to the eye shadow. 


6. Okay, so finally its time to apply the eye shadow powder. The best way for applying it is with natural hairbrushes and not any sponge a tip. It should be kept in mind that very little pressure needs to be applied on to the eyelid to blend nicely.  


These steps will help you putting on a perfect eye shadow that stays longer than usual. Long lasting eye makeup is not very hard to achieve as the secret is not in the ingredients but the way the makeup is applied.

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