The Right Way To Gain Weight

To gain weight is not so easy, that too in the right way. To achieve weight gain you may have to take proper diets and also follow a fitness regime. Thin people may have to undergo extensive procedures to gain weight. May be, skinny people are looked upon with jealousy not only for their slim body but also for their freedom in choosing their diets as per their wants. Others think that these skinny people can eat sweets, fried foods, fatty foods and any amount of food till they satiate.


However, it is not true wholly. The health condition, medical history and present medications mostly determine the type of diet one can take. Slim people cannot be exempted from this rule. Moreover, if skinny people want to improve their weight it is going to be tougher than the efforts put by others to lose weight. They can even improve their appearance only by wearing suitable clothes. If you want to achieve precise results, you should choose the right way to gain weight.


BMI Depicts Your Weight: If you are underweight it means that you have some issues to take care of in your overall health. If your Body Mass Index (BMI) is less than 18.5 you are considered as underweight.  It is not the perfect way to measure your health conditions based on the BMI, but if you are less than 18.5 it is something that you really need to think upon.


Reasons for Being Underweight: Being underweight may be because of eating disorders, bowel abnormality and/or any other chronic illness. You may look healthy but actually you are not, if you are underweight. 


Basics of Weight Gain: Gaining weight does not mean gaining more fat, but muscle. It involves proper nutrition and consistent training for building up strength. These training programs build muscles at the right places. Your nutritious diet should supply adequate calories for this. Being slim is desirable but underweight could have its own risks. Very thin people usually have weak immune system. They are prone to infections easily and so you cannot take it in a lighter vein. They are also very delicate to be treated. However, you should estimate your body mass index (BMI) to know your healthy weight. The following tips may help gaining weight in the right way without adding any extra fat.


Ways to Healthy Weight Gain


Healthy Diet in Weight Gain:  Healthy weight gain requires healthy diet that includes foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and calories. You can start with nutritious foods and then add ingredients like yogurt, fruit, nuts such as walnut, Brazil nut and flax seeds and healthy fats.  Healthy fats that help in healthy weight gain include olive oil, canola, and butter.


Specific foods that are recommended for gaining healthy weight are whole grain breads, potatoes, kidney beans, avocados, vegetables, lean red meat, fish and poultry. In addition you can take more of lean proteins and starchy and fibrous carbohydrates.



The first step is to continue with your usual diet and count the calories on a daily basis. Note down your weight on the scale. This will help you to determine the right weight you should have. Then, to gain weight you should take diet with nutrients in appropriate proportions. Obviously, you may have to eat more calories than you are burning in your exercises. However, your diet should not add fats, but it should help you in getting lean mass. A good start would be to have 6 meals a day. Have regular intervals between your breakfast and the five meals which include lunch and dinner. You can have the size of meals as per your comfort. Include in your diet milk, fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, cheese and chicken. Take four glasses of milk a day.


High calorie foods like avocado which has 306 calories on an average help in gaining healthy weight.  Some examples of high calorie spreads are nut butters, jam, cheese slices, olive oil, honey and mayonnaise.  You can get enough proteins from low fat milk.


Go for generous quantity of starchy vegetables like corns, potatoes, beets, peas and carrots.  Other vegetables like cucumbers, green beans, broccoli and cauliflower are also helpful for healthy weight gain.


Foods to Avoid: Unhealthy and high calorie foods like packaged snacks, processed meats, margarine, cakes and cookies must be avoided.



Role of Gym in Weight Gain: The other way to gain weight in a healthier way is working out at the gym. It prepares your body to gain weight in a natural way. Hence start light, focus on technique and add weight slowly.  Exercises for the entire body leading to healthy weight gain are dead lifts, Overhead Press, Bench Press, Pull-ups, Dips, Barbell Row.  Weight training is highly beneficial as it can convert excess calories into muscles and increases your appetite.  Multiple joint lifts work wonders by shocking the system thereby stimulating growth of the body. Keep focusing on strength and weight will increase automatically.


Increase the intensity of the workouts gradually. Monitor your weight and ensure that it does not go beyond 1 or 2 pounds a week.


Other Recommended Ways to Gain Weight


High intake of calories and high levels of metabolism are the keys to healthy weight gain. So make sure to have three large meals and 2-3 hefty snackings. Make sure to eat every 2.5 to 3 hours. Taking shakes, milk, or juice is also recommended instead of soda, coffee or tea. 


A Word of Caution: Remember that healthy weight gain means only 1 to 2 pounds per week and anything more than this is not healthy. Avoid supplements that promise you kilos of weight gain in weeks.

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