Tips Before Choosing Cosmetic Surgeon

Before you choose cosmetic surgery, there are several things to consider. These tips will help you prepare well for the procedure. At the outset, you have to reflect upon these issues

  • Is the decision your own? Getting cosmetic surgery done at the behest of another individual is unwise
  • What is the reason behind opting for cosmetic surgery; do you really need it? Are your expectations realistic?
  • Are you mentally, emotionally and physically capable to cope with the surgery and its consequence?
  • Will you be able to afford the very high costs involved?
  • Are you willing to give up smoking, at least temporarily, in order to facilitate faster healing and recovery?
  • The operation will only improve your appearance; it will not glamorize your appearance to make you look like a celebrity
  • Has your family accepted the decision of the surgery? Are they willing to help you during and after the surgery by taking over your responsibilities? 
Once you are able to answer all these questions in a manner that indicates there is no impedance for the surgery, it is time to select the surgeon. Ask friends and family about the best surgeon to consult. Surf the net for additional information. Select a few doctors/hospitals/surgeons you wish to consult before deciding on who would conduct the surgery. 
Here are the questions that will come in handy at the time. Visit the few specialists you have selected. You should be fully aware of the risks involved in cosmetic surgery. One way to find out is to enquire (all of them) at length about the procedures involved.  

Before meeting the Cosmetic surgeon doctor

When you are about to consult the doctor you can ask questions pertaining to certain significant issues. The staff and other health care givers at the hospital will be glad to inform you regarding
  • The cost of the surgery
  • The reputation and experience of the doctor
  • Is the surgeon a registered member of the American Board of Plastic Surgery?
  • Is the hospital well equipped to conduct such a surgery 

What to ask the cosmetic surgeon

When scheduled to meet the doctor you can ask him questions pertaining to the following
  • Risks involved in the procedure
  • Possible alternatives that may help you decide whether you need the surgery or not
  • His professional credentials and experience
  • Details of post operative care
  • Recovery details
  • The possibility of revision surgery and how to spend wisely for the same
Ensure that
  • You are satisfied with the doctors responses to your queries
  • The doctor’s manner and way of talking to you puts you at ease and reassures you
  • You are satisfied with his credentials and reputation

 Even if you are dissatisfied with any one answer to all your queries, it means you have to look for another surgeon. There are several surgeons of excellent reputation and you will soon be able to choose where you will undergo the surgery. Once you have selected the doctor and consulted him, he will ask you to prepare better for the surgery with some instructions.  

What the surgeon tells you 

The surgeon may ask you to follow certain procedures to help prepare better for the surgery. 
  • Applying for leave from work for the specified number of days include for surgery and recovery
  • If you are a smoker you will have to quit smoking, at least until you have recovered from surgery. 
  • Nutritional supplements that you have been taking would have to be discontinued during the surgery and recovery time, as they may have an adverse effect on the medication or anesthesia. 
  • Eating and drinking norms before administration of anesthesia will also be advised 
A list of instructions would be given by the surgeon that you should follow, however insignificant they may be. It is better to find out why you have to follow the regimen, from the doctor, rather than ignoring what you think is insignificant.

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